For the longest time, obscure items were highly sought after by people known as “nerds.” Though the term for “nerds” has now become “aficionados,” obscure items are still highly regarded and desired. Thanks to the internet, what was once obscure and lusted by those who were dedicated enough to discover it, in the first place – is now a key to elitism, allowing you to say you have the rarest and coolest thing of them all, therefore, you’re legit.

Of course, we all know better than that!

For pomade, some of the most sought after, obscure pomades are ones that were once used in the 50s. No longer produced, nearly improbable to find, of course folks want em! And if any artist folklore comes along with that tin of grease, all the better!

Luckily, there are some modern-day grease that still hold that sense of obscurity, and I’ve got two of em. Check em out!

This container of pomade is from none other than Steve Hooker.

Played and recorded with some amazing artists: Levi Dexter (if Ms. Bernie on the label wasn’t any indication of friendship!) Chuck Berry, Robert Gordon, and Johnny Thunders from The New York Dolls to name a few; clearly, he’s a rocker! And as rockers are, these cats know grease and he’s got some to boot!

Next up, we’ve got Bloodshot Bill‘s signature pomade, made by none other than American Greaser Supply.

Bloodshot Bill is a Canadian one-man band, whose music channels that good ol’ garage punk sound, just without the rest of the band members. When you hear one of his songs, you’ll know it’s him; the distinctive two toned singing is a dead giveaway. I think it’s safe to say he too knows his grease, because he’s got a killer head of hair! Just take a look:

Now, I know what you’re wondering: “What makes these two modern-day pomades obscure?” Well, that’s simple… Have you heard about em till now? Just kidding. Well, sort of…

The obscurity of these pomades is not because they’re from outside of the U.S., but rather, they’re artist editions. Very similar to the Joe Louis edition pomades, or the Obama edition Murray’s pomade. Put a name and a face on a tin, and you’ve got yourself a collector’s item!

Unfortunately, Bloodshot Bill’s line is no longer available online. Whether or not he still has some for sale at his gigs, is something you’ll need to go to Canada to see for yourself! Or, you’ll have to wait for him to tour again in the US, and hope he has some grease with him!

Though you can also get some of Steve Hooker’s pomade at his gigs, he still has his grease available online. So you’re in luck! Swing by his site and scoop some up.

There’s gonna be some good reviews on these two, that you don’t wanna miss!

Till the next time folks.

Stay Greasy!


One response to “Obscurities

  1. I always want everything if it’s halfway cool. This is rad. Good post, man!

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