Pomade Review: Nu-Nile

Every since I started this blog, many cats requested that I reviewed this product. Some liked the product, but wanted me to share my opinion on it. Others, had no clue whether or not it’s good enough to purchase. And while it’s been a staple for many folks, it’s never been a pomade I cared enough to check out. But, being a classic, and the high demand for a review, I caved in and picked some up. Let’s check it out!

To call this thing a classic is one thing, but when you take a look at the container and then call it a classic, is a whole ‘nother story!

With the ever so iconic yellow tin with black lettering and Afro-American folks on it, it’s hard to miss this thing on the shelf. Pair it up with its cousin Murray’s Superior, it’s really an eye catcher. Every time I pass it, I have the urge to buy it because it’s just so classic looking!

Opening it up, you get a classic scented, natural pale pomade. Clean and simple, no cheap thrills around here!

Now, a major reason why I stayed away from this stuff, is because every and all mention of this product, said it was light and works for the “wet look.” I mean, while I do have a shit ton of light pomades and hair dressings, I wasn’t in the hurry to add anymore to the collection! Well…

After many months of reading about how this stuff is light and gives you the wet look, after scooping it out, I was surprised (to say the least) to find out that every mention of this product was… WRONG.

Nu-Nile is far from a light pomade.

Being lighter in consistency than Murray’s Superior, as well as being not as greasy, this stuff isn’t far behind in the weight class.

Now, since it’s not as greasy as it’s not so distant relative, it won’t leave a greasy film on your hair. That factor weighs down your hair and is a pain in the ass to wash out. So in short, this product is “superior” to Murray’s Superior! Pun, probably intended. But, it still has enough sheen, to not leave you with a matte finish.

While it’s not as light as people said it is, it’s still rather malleable, and will comb a full pomp, nicely!

Comparatively, Nu-Nile is comparable to Dax Wave & Groom. While it won’t leave you with as much of a greasy sheen, it still has a similar hold and styling properties, which a lot of folks look for. And for those cats who like to keep it in-the-family, this stuff is a perfect alternative to Murray’s Superior.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. All that jibber-jabber about it being light and giving the wet-look, can all be put away. And hey, that’s the point of these types of reviews; to set the record straight and help folks understand pomade, on a universal level!

Till the next time folks.

Pomp Hard!


24 responses to “Pomade Review: Nu-Nile

  1. Good review. I’m surprised you hadn’t done Nu-Nile a while ago. Murray’s Exelento next?

    • I know, I know… I listened to a lot of the hearsay about it. But, at least I got it done, right!?

      Exelento is another one I’m not in a rush to do. It’s not like I’m not interested in it, but ingredients, properties, looks to be the same as Murray’s Super-Light, as is Murray’s Hair-Glo. I’ll pick up a can sooner or later. I’ve got 20+ reviews to do, as it is!

  2. Well done as always! Nu Nile is next to impossible to get where I live, so I’ve been sticking with Dax W & G, but boy do I wish I could mix it up from time to time. I’ve liked everything Murray’s has put out, even their Lucky 13 side business.

    • Thanks Turner!

      If you want, the next time I “do my rounds” I can pick up an extra tin of Nu-Nile and sell it to you for whatever I paid for + shipping. Shoot me an email, therebelrouser@yahoo.com and we can work something out. I’m sure there’s other stuff I can find that you could be looking for.

      – Jan

  3. Don’t you worry, brother! I’m thinking about getting a few things from the ‘Shop anyhow, so I may get a tin or two. Thanks for the offer, though!

  4. I’ve been using Nu Nile for a while and I think it is a great pomade. Nice vanilla(ish) scent and great hold, in fact the first time I used it I felt like I could have just clicked my fingers and my hair would have just fallen into shape. I found the “wet look” a bit of a put off, but this baby is not “wet look” at all, gives a great sheen though. Scooping it up it felt like Sweet Georgia Brown blue, which I guess ain’t a bad thing. Great retro tin and a great pomade.

  5. MrSandman777

    I am pleased with this pomade. Although I do feel its better than wave and groom. I love the hold of this stuff and the scent is so classic.

    So glad you bought this one to justice.

    Mike M.

  6. hey nice review bro

  7. Hey stuntastic! Is Nu Nile difficult to wash out? Like with normal shampoo?

    • It’ll take a strong degreasing shampoo to wash it out. It’s petrolatum based and from Murray’s, so this stuff isn’t the easiest to wash out.

      If you want a non water-soluble pomade, that isn’t too difficult to wash out, check out Hairgum USA. They use organic ingredients, which aren’t too difficult to wash out.

  8. just a tip… to wash out Nu-nile or whatever pomade, use shampoo with Menthol in it. Every brand has a shampoo with menthol in it, for the “fresh” feeling. But it washes pomade out really well. And you can just buy it at every grocery store…. Got the tip from the guys at Sivletto Stockholm (Sweden…)

    • Stanley,

      I’ve heard this tip quite a few times, so thanks for reassurance. I have a menthol shampoo from Lucky Tiger, so next time around I’ll put it to the test, and see how it does.

      – Jan

  9. hey man is would you recommend this for the summer? or does it melt to much?

    • Hey Nathan,

      This would definitely be a choice pomade to go with for the summer. It’s much easier on the hair than Murray’s Superior and has a surprisingly better hold, especially in the heat. Didn’t make my hair wavy like Murray’s Superior did.

      – Jan

  10. I went back to Nu Nile over the weekend after a disaster of a week with Dr Rubin’s and I must say that Nu Nile is a fantsatic pomade, great to work through your hair, excellent to brush and style, tremendous hold and the shine is just ace.

  11. the lucky 13 tru hold is identical to the nu nile seeing as though they are both made by murrays. but the lucky 13 is $8/2oz. but the smell is amazing!!!

  12. Whats a good alternative for Nu Nile?
    They don’t sell it anymore in my local store in Nijmegen.


  13. Yeah, I used Nu-Nile back in the 80’s and haven’t been able to find it since probably 1992 or so. It performed well and smelled not too over-powering, but it was a bitch to wash out…especially back then. I enjoy your blog!

  14. I use a pretty good number of products (a real good number) but I gotta say man I didn’t use Nu Nile til I read this review on it and over the last some months it’s pretty much become my go to. Good Call on it Jan.


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