34 Years To The Day Without Elvis…

… And he’s still the undisputed king of rock n’ roll.

If it weren’t for Elvis, the gap between black music and white music may never have been freely crossed to and fro, rockabilly music wouldn’t have been heard around the world, and the pompadour probably wouldn’t be as tall as it is today. Not to mention, you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. And with that, we say thank you, Elvis. Thank you.


4 responses to “34 Years To The Day Without Elvis…

  1. Love your blog. I linked to you on my “Elvis Link Explosion” and added you to my blogroll under “fashion”.



    Great blog, especially the pomade reviews. Keep it greasy!

    • Glad you dig the blog!

      I read a few of your posts and I’m diggin’ it! Currently, I’m not adding new links until I revamp my site (soon.) But as soon as I do, I’ll definitely put yours on the blogroll, as it’s pretty killer.

      Thanks again!

      – Jan

  2. I have got to say that is possibly the nicest looking pomp I have seen. I would love to have 1 like that.

    Love the blog, got any recommendations on a pomade thats not brutal on your hair and still provides a good hold. Lately i’ve been using SGB (blue tin) and murrays and i’ve got to say it can be a pain putting it through my hair, but thye hold is very good.

    • Sorry for the late reply.

      360 Styles should do the trick. It should be found in the same section as Murray’s.

      Hairgum makes some stuff that should work out really well for ya. The original hold or even the Road line would do the trick.

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