Signs & Signifiers.

With the recently announced band line up for Viva Las Vegas 15, people have freaked! There’s a lot of familiar names on this line up, that have been making ladies change their panties and guys… well, I don’t know what some of you guys do, but you can let your imagination run wild. Though I missed a majority of the bands I wanted to see last year, the line up was real good. But this year, oh man… Let’s just say, I’m pretty fuckin’ stoked!

There will be a lot of great bands performing this year. Including: Big Sandy & The ORIGINAL Flyrite Trio (OH FUCK YEAH,) Omar & The Stringpoppers, Billy Harlan, The Polecats, Nick Curran, Jack Baymoore & The Bandits, and the list goes on and on and on. For the semi-full band list, click here.

With events like this, everyone will have their favorites marked on their planners and iPhones. Since a lot of these bands are scattered around, you better know who you’re gonna see and when you’re gonna see em, and where!

 For me, I plan on making up for last year and will catch every band I want to see, even if that means staying sober for the whole trip! Well, maybe not entirely sober… There’s one band that I will not miss…

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By now, you all know that I’m mostly about the real old school artists. The more obscure, the better. But there’s been a few modern day artists that really got me hooked & excited. So to see their name on the band line up, got me stoked and ready for Vegas! This character is none other than JD McPherson!

There are very few cats nowadays that have a real soulful voice. Let alone be able to change that voice up from soulful to gritty. Blend that in with some amazing instrumentals, catchy lyrics, some rhythm, some blues, and some denim, and you’ve got yourself an amazing band, with one hell of an album! 

This last Tuesday Tunes I posted the Wolf Teeth track from the album Signs & Signifiers. It’s easily my favorite track of the album. The song has a real gritty feel to it and it’s the most aggressive track on the entire album. It sounds like a jam session, and I can dig that! While it is my favorite song on the album, it in no way means it’s the only good song off of the album!

I’ve been listening to this album non-stop, for the last few weeks. Every single track on the album hits the right spot, any time of the day, everyday! Trust me, I’ve listened to this album start to finish, every single day of this past week, and last, and the week before that! That’s how much I dig this album!

If there was an artist to look out for, it’s gotta be JD. The album Signs & Signifiers is well-rounded, the vocals are nothing but killer, and honestly… You just can’t beat a white dude who’s got a soulful voice! You know how many ladies love Tom Jones??? ‘Nuff said!

If you see this album, pick it up! You will not regret it!

Just in case Wolf Teeth wasn’t enough reason, here’s the official video for North Side Gal, from the same album. No cheap thrills here! Just a clean, simple, and fun video.



6 responses to “Signs & Signifiers.

  1. Damn right this cat is good! After listening to Wolf Teeth (and being blown away), I immediately began digging up other songs. Had North Side Gal stuck in my head since tuesday. Thanks Jan!
    What really blew me away was all the likes on YouTube. Damn near every good song I find that has several hundred likes has about 1 dislike for each 100, give or take. So a song with 489 likes will probably have 5 dislikes. North Side Gal, last I saw, had 893 likes and ONE. FUCKING. DISLIKE. I repeat, ONE.

  2. Late to this particular post RR, have you checked out the Starkweather Boys? They’re JD’s old band.

  3. Oh well, that’s a toughy. I’m gonna have to sit on the fence on that one. The man can hold a tune that’s for sure.

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