Tuesday Tunes

Janis Martin – Ooby Dooby & One More Year To Go


2 responses to “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Have you ever tried Suavecito Pomade? I made a ballsy(Despite the spelling of the word, you get the drift)move and bought some online without really knowing anything about it other than it is like layrite? I was looking on their facebook and they kinda seem like douchebags that wont stop spamming but who knows. Let me know if you have ever tried this stuff though.

    • Colton,

      Never tried the stuff. I emailed them once in the past, and got very lazy, unprofessional reply back from them. Nearly a month+ after my initial email! Brands gotta understand that customer service is KEY. Especially when it comes to me.

      Can’t say I plan on reviewing it anytime soon.

      – Jan

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