Pomade Review: Dixie Peach

The moment that everyone has been impatiently waiting for… My review for the ever so elusive Dixie Peach!

Being one of the popular pomades back in the day, it’s only typical for pomade lovers of today to go goo-goo over it. It doesn’t help that this is another pomade that falls into the what-Elvis-used folklore. I mean, even my barber used this stuff when he was younger and asked if it was in my hair one day! (But it wasn’t.) Regardless who used it, this is definitely a classic pomade that needs to be reviewed and shared with the rest of the world!

Word on the mean streets of the internet is that, this stuff is discontinued. Some people will say it has been for decades, I say at least for 5 or so years. Personally, I don’t care, as I came into a pretty decent stash of this stuff not too long ago! (Don’t worry, I plan on helping folks get some of this, in the near future.)

Enough with the small talk, let’s get to it!

It shouldn’t be hard to spot this stuff on the shelf, if you’re lucky enough to come across it! It comes in its classic plastic container, in two sizes: a 4 oz container (pictured) and a 7 oz tub.

With the classic light teal and yellow label, this stuff will pop off the shelf and you’ll automatically gravitate towards it. And if you don’t you’re missin’ out!

Opening it up, you smell it’s amazing peach scent. Yes folks, it’s not just a name, this stuff really does smell like peaches! And yes folks, the ladies love it!

In the container, the consistency looked to be light and wispy, similar to Black & White. So I had originally believed it would be best for a top coat. But after scooping it out, I noticed that it feels rather thick. The thickness of the product has to do with its sticky texture. This will be a major styling factor, so keep readin’!

Before putting it in your hair, the pomade is quite sticky. Which is good, because the stickiness of the product will help keep your hair together. Honestly, I can’t think of any product that has the same sticky texture like this stuff… So for those folks who are worried about splitting in their pomps, *wink wink* take note.

Combing it through is like butter. Lovely butter. Love butter. Slicking this stuff through, you just have the feel of cool. The same cool the cats we admire today had. That’s a good enough reason to want Dixie Peach, right!? It just has that classic feel to it, that no other product I’ve used so far has. Simply put, I’m in love!

When I initially used the product a little while back, I used it as a top coat. I didn’t really take note of the stickiness enough, to consider it a good standalone product. I just thought that it would give a nice sheen. I mean, it does and it does so, ever so nicely! So take a look at how it works as a simple top coat:

Realizing the properties, I now know that this stuff is amazing on its own. Greased up, slicked through, this stuff held everything in place, and real proper like!

Look at that sheen!

To my surprise, this stuff held up in the sun and wind. When it had slightly melted in the heat, it only added to the sheen. Definitely a good thing!

Now, the sticky texture is what really makes this stuff work. It kept my hair as high as I had originally styled it, the hairs did not split whatsoever, and just kept everything nice and tight throughout the day. Very little slicking was done to fix any stray hairs.

Overall, this stuff is amazing. Easily became one of my favorites. Not just because it’s discontinued or hard to find, but because it’s an all time classic! You can’t go wrong with that!

Regardless of your hair type, I believe this is something to have in your collection. You’ll see a Murray’s tin in everyone’s collection, so why not some Dixie Peach!

As I mentioned earlier, I plan on helping some cats add Dixie Peach to their collections. So, I will be having these for sale, very shortly! So don’t forget to check back!

Hope you guys enjoyed this review. It’s definitely a classic that needed to be reviewed. Sorry it took so long! But hey, it’s worth the wait, yeah?

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy!


30 responses to “Pomade Review: Dixie Peach

  1. Sign me up for one! An awesome scent is the biggest sale for me. So does obscurity;)

  2. Holy shit. Put me on the list! I need to try this stuff.

  3. Yeah Bro count me in too just hit me up

  4. Hey man, will you take new jar of Tres Flores for 1 dixie peach ?

  5. Equality 7-2521

    Mmm peach is such a great smell. I’d be interested in some.

  6. Jan,
    I’m in as well as it sounds awesome and it did real justice to your pomp. How about tha DA? Since yor blog on DA’s never forget to have it at full attention.

    • Kley,

      Unfortunately, I have gotten butchered trying out a different barber. Had to go to my normal barber, but the only way to fix it was to cut the sides SUPER short. I’m currently in the process of growing it back out, so I’ve been without a D.A. for some time now. I know, it’s a bummer. My head of hair has been incomplete and lack luster! But, I’ll soon have it back, as my hair grows pretty damn fast!

      – Jan

      • buzzdeclan

        Just went a got the DA freshened up. My barber is a pro. Now my profile!!! Would love to give Dixie Peach a try as it will only enhance it. Thanks

      • Judging from your avatar, your DA is one of the cleanest!

        I’ll have the Dixie Peach up for sale soon enough!

        – Jan

  7. Rare indeed…but has an added cool factor: Cary Grant used to use this stuff (according to the stories, anyway) mixed with a brilliantine. Quite the find, sir, quite the find.

  8. Joe Rockin frost!

    Man I am willing to pay whatever price for it!!!! You can definitely count me in!

  9. Joe Rockin frost!

    *About to take out a thousand dollor note then quickly stuffs it back in* Yea good! Lol cause hehe I never had a thousand….:P Definitely will be looking in on that, btw this is the first time I actually going to comment on your work on this blog and just wanna say you have done a splendid job!

    Stay greasy man and keep rockin! 🙂

  10. Can’t wait for you to sell this jazz. I’m greatly looking forward to it.
    After Reading many if not all of your reviews, this is my first comment, thank you for doing what you do. I have purchased several pomades due to your blog.


    • Art,

      Big thanks for the kind words, man. Definitely appreciate it!

      I know I’ve kept A LOT of cats waiting on this Dixie Peach, but don’t worry, I’ll make the post soon!

      – Jan

  11. Jan,

    After reading this review and hearing that you’re going to start selling this I did a quick google search to see if I could find it. All that popped up was a green can that said Lander Dixie Peach Pomade is this the same? I am very interested in trying this stuff. Thanks for all your reviews way to stay greasy. Also have you heard anything about Rob’s Chop Shop Pomade? Thanks again


    • Hey Vic,

      I’ve seen that before, but I can’t confirm or deny that it’s one and the same. All I know is that, whether or not it is indeed the same product, nothing beats the original packaging. Regardless, it’s not going to change the price I’ve set for the ones I currently have.

      I’ve contacted Rob’s, with no luck in hearing back from them. What I can tell, is that it’s pretty much a relabeled Murray’s Beeswax. At least, so I’ve Ben told.

      – Jan

  12. when is this goin on sale?

  13. Save me some….I would hate to miss out on this stuff!

  14. Use to use it until they discontinued it, haven’t been able to get it in the UK, will you ship to the UK

  15. Where can I get this product? And how much does it cost?

    • From what I’ve been able to find, it’s no longer available in the US. Some folks have found some in Jamaica, but I can’t confirm or deny that it’s still in production or just some old stock.

      – Jan

  16. Jan, I just bought some of the Lander Dixie Peach Pomade, and I can tell you it’s not worth the dollar I paid for it. It’s very VERY light, the smell is pretty classic, powdery, but it’s lighter than Murray’s Super Light. It wouldn’t hold even a slick-back part, let alone a decent pomp. Just wanted to let everybody know this stuff isn’t real Dixie Peach.

  17. If dixie peach is hard to find what would you consider close to it.

    • Brian,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      The closest thing I can find that’s comparable to Dixie Peach is a mix of things…

      Hair-Rep is nearly identical in terms of scent.

      Lucky 13 White Lightning is nearly identical in terms of shine.

      Tres Flores is the closest thing you’ll get to Dixie Peach in terms of hold and shine, but still falls short by just a bit.

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