Thanks For The Support!

As the title says… Thanks!

Thanks Jesse!

Thanks Wink!

Big thanks to Jesse and Wink!

6 responses to “Thanks For The Support!

  1. 1. Obtain THEREBELROUSER stickers
    2. Wrap a sticker around a tin of pomade.
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT!!!!

  2. Where can i get my hands on those stickers?

  3. Hey Jan, have you seen that pomade that Suave is putting out? Dude I picked it up for cheep at the store. Just like Groom & Clean it rocks as a product but FAILS in the scent catagory, smells like cotton candy for some junk. Best part: it doesn’t get all crunchy! Next time you’re at the local mart grab some.

  4. I did buy it and here my review of it (Suave pomade)
    Price: $3.00 you get almost 2oz, so its small but cheap (Target)
    Hold: good, you need to use a bit more than usual but its nice and does not get hard, stays soft.
    Shine: BEST PART.. same shine as Groom and Clean (their other product) nice glossy, 1940`s shine.
    Scent: nice, like lemon and candy or something, not bad at all
    Package: ok… plain gray plastic container.
    Now, i didnt user it for a pomp as i like to just slick back.. but give it a try !

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