Finally, When Two Become One.

No, this is not about the Spice Girls getting back together.

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Sometime back in 2008, pics of Max Schaaf’s collaboration with Vans started to spread like wildfire throughout the internet. First of all, whenever Vans does a collaboration with anyone, people start scheming. So when Max Schaaf’s name came into play? You can only imagine how it was to hunt a pair of these beasts down!

This collaboration between Max Schaaf and Vans brought two models, the Era and Mountain Editions. They both came in red and black. The details were AMAZING… From a gold “nut” eyelet, fire-proof suede uppers, detailed insole, leather toe, 4Q Conditioning embossed on the tongue, and matching handlebar grips, he paid attention to detail, and so did we! So if you mistook any generic pair of Vans for these, you better have gotten pink eye from the monkey exhibit at the zoo!

Around this time, I was in the Philippines waiting for the Little Rebel Rouser to be born. So any money going towards anything for myself was out of the question! Let alone a pair of shoes, half the world away! But hey, do you really have to choose between your first-born and a pair of shoes? Only if you’re an asshole, will that be an equation you have to think about!

After coming back to America, I pretty much forgotten about the shoes. That is, until a few months later when I stumbled into a skate shop…

I didn’t even have to look around. My eyes zoomed in on the vibrant red leather and suede combo on the wall, and I knew I was going home $90 poorer. Fortunately, they didn’t have the black pair, or else I’d be $180 poorer that day!

Now, about a week ago, a buddy of mine called me up and let me know that a semi-local skate shop got another run of these beasts, and had a size 12 in black… The only thing missing was the handlebar grips (not like I have a bike to put em on)… But DAMN! What are the chances, huh???

Long, boring story short… I finally get to unite the red brother to it’s slick-black brethren!


Gotta dig this box!

Your plain-Jane Vans ain’t comin’ boxed like this!

Gold Nuts!


In all its heavenly glory...

When Two Become One.

“We’re brothers, we’re happy and we’re singing and we’re colored! Give me a high-five!”

Ah yes… Finally… A few years later, I finally have the set! I’m not big on collecting shoes anymore, but I was in the market for a pair of black shoes to kick back in. And what better shoe than these?

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think that these were a completely new reproduction of the Max Schaaf Vans. The box tags are different, the silhouette is slightly different, and they just feel a bit different. Maybe these were possible B-Grades, who knows. But you know what? I don’t give a damn, I’m just glad to have finally gotten a brand new pair of em. To top it off, years later after their initial release! Shit like that doesn’t happen too often!

Big ups to my buddy Chris for the heads up and swinging by 510 to pick em up for me! Now, to score those mids he’s releasing!


3 responses to “Finally, When Two Become One.

  1. Sweet grab man! I love the fact that you’ve added to your wardrobe for more than just “trendiness”. This is what makes style – Style! You want it, you own it and you enjoy it, and you wear it like so! Anyways, love the vans, the detail is to die for! I only wear boots, and have always wanted a pair of casual kicks I enjoy, but have yet to come across a pair I feel are me. Lookin’ slick man!

  2. You know what pisses me off? Dudes/gals who think that you have to wear only certain type of clothing to be ‘billy. Billies can’t wear vans type of crap. I think, while there’s a certain type of style that goes with billy, that you can make anything your own because it’s who YOU are. I dig these shoes along with the vibe that goes with them.

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