Pomade Review: Grant’s Golden Brand (Putty Pomade)

The fine folks at Grant’s Golden Brand have been listening closely to customer feedback and worked hard to put out a product to please the masses. Not an easy feat, let me tell you! People wanted more hold, they gave em more hold!

Let’s see how different this stuff is from the original!

This time around, their limited edition Putty Pomade has a sticker label, rather than it being directly printed onto the container. Not complaining, as the color palette works nicely! *COUGH*Maketheseintostickers!*COUGH*

Opening it up, you see their classic golden pomade. Like “watered down honey” as I used to describe their original hold.

The scent is nearly the same as the original hold. A bit more faint, but not by much. For those who don’t know, it smells like almonds.

Now, this stuff LOOKS identical to their original recipe. But is it?

Scooping it out, you notice that it’s considerably thicker and has a bouncy feel to it. This stuff is a hybrid between their original formula and a new fiber ingredient, giving it a super strong hold, but still keeping it easy on the hair.

I can already tell you that this is the thickest water-soluble pomade on the market today.

Now, softening this stuff is tricky. As soon as you start to rub it in between your palms, it starts to “gum up,” and it’s almost as if you’re rubbing a gummy worm in your hands. The quick fix to this, is to pinch the globs, then continue rubbing it in. (No innuendo intended.)

Don’t worry, as soon as you’re done softening this stuff up and spreading it thoroughly in your palms, it’s easy street from here on out!

Running it through your hair is like any other product. Even though this stuff is THICK, it won’t leave your hair streaky. Which is a major issue with thicker products.

Styling with this new putty pomade is a breeze. It’ll give you all the hold you want and more. And you all know how easy it is, when it comes to styling with water-soluble pomade!

One thing I noticed, is that this stuff dries with a glossy sheen. Definitely a nice touch. Most, if not all water-soluble pomades dry to a matte finish. So finding one that’ll give you sheen, is very nice!

Now, there’s a catch… As you all experienced with any other water-soluble pomade, they harden. The stronger the hold, the harder it gets. It’s just the way it is. But this stuff, hardens the most! Fortunately, it’s not gonna leave you with a helmet like hairspray would. But, definitely harder than anything on the market.
Surprisingly, combing through this stuff after it dries, is amazing on its own.

Usually when you comb through a dried water-soluble pomade, your hair gets a little wispy. With this stuff, it leaves you with that premium hold, but leaving your hair soft, with a slight matte finish. So if you didn’t dig the harden finish with sheen, just comb through when it dries and you’ll still retain the amazing hold and have a clean matte finish. Not something you get with any other water-soluble product!

Overall, I gotta say I really dig this stuff! It’s not often you get a water-soluble pomade that has a sheen! Yes, it does harden quite a bit more than most, but I really can’t hate that sheen! It’s a bit harder to spread through your palms evenly, but when you do, you’re as good as gold.

If you haven’t entered my Grant’s Golden Brand Giveaway, DO IT! Any entries past 12:00am aka Tuesday, won’t be valid. So enter and win some of this cool stuff! If no one entered, you can best bet I’d be putting this pomade to use!

Big thanks to Grant and the fine folks at Grant’s Golden Brand!

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.


5 responses to “Pomade Review: Grant’s Golden Brand (Putty Pomade)

  1. Nice thing is this stuff is cheaper than it’s original counterpart. Does it hold more than Layrite’s super hold?

    • Much more hold, Mike.

      But, as I’ve said in the review… More hold (from a water-soluble product) means more hardening. As with more hold from non-water-soluble products, means less sheen.

  2. This stuff looks sick!

  3. i just ordered my limited edition “puddy” !!!!!

    i cant wait to use that stuff.
    keep up the good work on this blog, i follow it daily.

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