Pomade Review: Royal Crown (Pomade)

Royal Crown has got to be one of the most popular pomades around. Well, at least in hearsay. People have been whispering to one another for years, saying that Elvis used this for his glorious pomp. As well as Johnny Cash, who I’m pretty sure, is the one who actually used this stuff for his amazing hair. Regardless, Royal Crown is pretty much a house hold name, when talking about pomade.

Now, the biggest misconception about Royal Crown is whether or not it is the same thing as the hair dressing. After passing on Royal Crown Pomade numerous amount of times, I figured I’d pick up a tin, put away all of the hearsay and set the record straight, once and for all…

This stuff is a classic. It’ll come in it’s iconic red on red container. Unlike the hair dressing, it’s lid is red. Very similar to Blue Magic Pressing Oil. There’s another taller, slimmer container for this stuff. Word has it, that it’s been discontinued. So if you see it, buy it! Gotta have it for the collection!

Opening up the container, you automatically think it’s the same as the hair dressing. Of course you would, it LOOKS identical!

The scent is nearly identical to the hair dressing, just not as strong.  

Scooping this stuff out, the clouds start to part and everything becomes much more clearer. The consistency in it’s entirety is different than the hair dressing. PHEW! That’s a good thing, as I didn’t want to end up with MORE HAIR DRESSING!

This stuff is considerably thicker than it’s hair dressing cousin. It’s not only thicker, but stickier as well. (The hair dressing has a very light, greasy consistency.) While it’s not thicker than Black & White or Mr. Ducktail’s, it falls into the same category. Albiet, on the lighter end of this spectrum.

Running it through the hair is easy. It combs through easy and gives my hair a bit of a bounce to it. Whether or not this will be a factor for styling, is something I’m anticipating…

Styling with it was a bit difficult. The bounce it gave my hair, made things tricky. While some hairs were going to the left, the ones that got affected by the bounce went right. Definitely had a hard time getting things right! How the fuck did Cash do it???

After toying around with it, having a little family reunion with Royal Crown Hair Dressing, it made things a whole lot easier! The hair dressing helped weigh down the bounce, allowing me to get the hairs flowing together. Nicely at that!

Now, figuring out who suits this product best, is tricky. Johnny Cash had relatively thick, yet fine hair. I mean, you’ve seen his hair in the 70s-80s! If it could work for him, it just has to work for everyone! But personally, I see this product working best for cats with a bit thinner, finer hair. It’ll give them the right amount of bounce, without the need of adding the hair dressing.

Man… This is one product that’s given me trouble! Trying to get my hair as magnificent as Johnny Cash, was a feat in itself! While I’ll admit, I do know how to do my hair well, Cash just had a crown of hair that is up there with Elvis, himself! Man… If only I can fall into that category some day!

Overall, I dig this product. It’s been a tough one, a confusing one, but a good one! It’s an all time classic, that everyone should have. I mean, believing the hearsay pretty much validates why this is in every single persons stash!

Until next time folks.

Stay Greasy!


33 responses to “Pomade Review: Royal Crown (Pomade)

  1. Use this stuff as a top coat over a Layrite SH base. Greatest combo I’ve ever used.

  2. I have the tall thinner can.
    I like the smell of the pomade much more than the hairdressing, but it still reminds me of like an older aftershave or something. Good, but not ideal this day and age.
    Overall, I think it’s a good product and I’ve had luck with it.
    As always, nice review.

  3. It smells like cinnamon butter to me, which I think smells good. I really don’t care for the smell of the hair dressing. To me, they smell quite different.

  4. do a review on the hair dressing

  5. Well, if you look at elvis his hair in the early period. His pompadours were really cool, but not tight at all (which is positive in a way). Plus there are pictures of him out and about and his pomp is all over the place. So I think it’s just meant to be like that in a way.

  6. Hey man love the blog been trying a bunch of different pomades thanks to it. I was gonna ask is the sheen of the pomade about the same as the hair dressing and how is the hold of the pomade as opposed to the hair dressing thanks a lot.

    • Hey,

      Hair dressings are usually a lot lighter than most pomades out there, that don’t have hair dressing on the label. Therefore, it’ll have a lot more sheen.

      The rule of thumb is, the heavier/waxier the pomade, the stronger the hold and the finish will be flat/matte. The lighter/greasier the pomade or hair dressing, the lighter the hold and the greasier the sheen. Then you have the medium weight pomades, that fall right in the middle, with both hold and sheen.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  7. does it wash out in one wash?

  8. My dad used this stuff back in the day and now I use it and I got my boyfriend using too. I love it so much for the classic scent and the way it’s nice and thick and not greasy

  9. Hey, i just came upon your review on this stuff. I’m pretty new to it all so i thought i’d ask. Do you think it’d work well with keeping fine/thick hair slicked back on a 40s-ish German military cut? fairly harsh parting or full low to the head slick back, just to keep it in place for most of a day. I ask because apparently royal crown is what was most commonly used then by them in that era.

    Sorry if that’s a bit of a ramble on.

    • Hey Floyd,

      It would definitely work for that hairstyle. If they didn’t use this, which would be a surprise, then they must’ve used something similar. Brylcreem, maybe?

      – Jan

  10. Thanks mate, I’ll pick up some of both. See what works out best.

  11. i grabbed a can of the hair dressing at the dollar store just cuz i didn’t really know any better…soon discovered it’s pretty useless for pompin’.but as a top coat for dax wave n groom it works awesome. actually makes the dax more mallable without sacrificing holding power…tryin a few different applications. maybe mixing a little dab of royal crown in my hand with the dax before running it thru my hair. it might go in a little easier and more evenly distributed…we’ll see…

    • What, I’d stock up on this stuff if I could score it for a dollar!

      Definitely try mixing it before hand, it makes it a lot easier to spread in the hair, but you’ll sacrifice just a tad of hold.

  12. I just ordered some Royal Crown today. I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for the great reviews!

  13. Hey Jan, I got a couple cans of the dressing and I like it, but it doesn’t have that much hold (obviously) so where can I get the pomade IRL? Or a good place to find it online.

    • Depends on where you look, Tim. You won’t find it where you find the Hair Dressing (Lucky’s, Walgreens, etc.)

      Most beauty supply shops don’t even stock both, just the Hair Dressing!

  14. http://www.amazon.com/ROYAL-CROWN-Pomade-Exclusive-Formula/dp/B001JTEKSO

    I just bought some and am very happy with it. I can definitely smell the cinnamon that Lucas mentioned.

  15. I friend recently bought me one of these cartons, I tried it and found the hold not as good as I expected and I have known better. The day after my mate had given me this gift I went out and picked up a carton of Royal Crown Hairdressing, now straight after applying the RC Pomade I applied the RC Hairdressing to the sides and back and a little to the top, and I was impressed. The shine is awesome and the H/dressing compliements the Pomade really well, a great double act.

  16. esta pomade me riza el cabello ,y yo no lo tengo rizado de normal !!. algun consejo ?

  17. This pomade curl MY hair. and I haven’t curly hair.
    any advice?

    • Dani,

      Try applying it when your hair is wet. If need be, apply it either in the shower or right after you shower. Your hair is straightest when your hair is wet. If you apply and style it while it’s wet, it’ll settle straight.

      – Jan

  18. Would you say that you need the hair dressing as well? I’m looking for an all-natural hair product that gives my hair volume while pushing it down a bit for a sleek, refined look. Do you think this product would be best?

  19. After doing some homework, I finally ordered some Royal Crown pomade. For my fine, thin hair it works great! I’ve been using the hair dressing but wanted more hold. The pomade does just that. If I need more shine (I’m like a raccoon; love shiny things) I add hair dressing on top. Thanks for all the info you’ve managed to jam into this blog. It’s helped me a ton!

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