When Getting Grease In The Mail Isn’t Enough.

What do you do? Go out and buy more!


As if I didn’t have a ton of reviews to do, as it is! Oh well, gotta keep myself busy, you folks entertained and my hair greasy!


9 responses to “When Getting Grease In The Mail Isn’t Enough.

  1. Are those Lucky Tigers vintage or still in production? Specifically, the three smaller bottles.

    • Glenn may be the one to ask.

      I think he may have said they were discontinued, but I’m not 100% sure. But this is my first and only time spotting them.

      Lucky Tiger products in general have been hard to come by. All shops I’ve been in either had one product or another, never any of em carrying the same stuff. On the opposite end, is the only place I’ve seen the butch wax and no tonics.

      So when I say “I’m goin’ hunting,” I mean it!

  2. As someone who used Sweet Georgia Brown a lot, I’ll be interested to see how it compares to some of the newer/rarer pomades you’ve been using.

    • Chaz,

      Sweet Georgia Brown is easily one of my favorite classic pomades around. It’s amazing. While the red one doesn’t offer as much hold as I usually need, I still dig it. I don’t know why, but I do! Whenever I see it, just because of the classic tin styling (and the fact that I really like the products,) I just have to buy it! Believe me, I almost spent A LOT of money, buying out the Sweet Georgia Brown stock!

      The blue is gonna be the “best,” as far as hold goes, but I like to mix it with Dax Wave & Groom. This combo usually gives me the best looking hair, which has gotten me a lot of compliments. It’s also the combo I used when in Vegas!

  3. Random Question: Does Royal Crown pomade smell the same as the hair dressing? I think that stuff smells nasty.

  4. Hey, Jan.
    I’ve recently dove into the pomade world, I’m having some trouble though. Every time I use the pomade my forehead will breakout. What are your suggestion? How do you prevent this?


    P.S: Awesome blog!

    • Nick,

      Make sure you wipe off any pomade that touches your forehead. I see a lot of videos of dudes straight up CAKING pomade on their foreheads, and it’s gnarly. For this, I suggest using a babywipe.

      If you break out relatively easy, you probably have sensitive skin. You don’t want to use anything too strong to wipe pomade off of your forehead. After applying pomade, use a baby wipe to get the excess pomade off and you should be ok. If, for whatever reason, the alcohol in the baby wipe dries up your skin, use a moisterizer or lotion.

      I don’t know your skin type, if you’re allergic to anything, and what not, so I can’t exactly suggest a face wash or anything. But I can help give you tips to deal with or prevent breaking out from pomade.

      Another factor you should take into consideration, is your towel. Make sure you only use a certain part of the towel for your hair, face, and body. If you wipe your face with the same part of the towel used to wipe your greasy hair, you’ll break out. Same with facial oils spreading onto your body, you’ll get acne on your body. You don’t want either oils to transfer to either parts of the body. So look into hair/face/body specific towels.

      – Jan

  5. Jan,
    Thank you for the helpful advice!

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