“Style Is Everything”

It’s been over a year since I had originally bought my first “different” pomade to review. Over a year ago, their customer service was excellent. And now, over a year later, it’s still equally as amazing.

You see, customer service is and will always be a major deciding factor, whether or not I’d support a brand. Reviews like mine are pretty much a service to brands, not a favor. So the least some of these brands can do, is reply to a simple email. I’m a pretty honest guy, folks… You don’t have to delete my email, it’s a bit more courteous professional to reply back with a “NO” if you have to! Oh well, what can ya do, eh? Just gotta keep your back to the wall and roll with the punches.

When you meet brands with excellent customer service, it’s almost impossible not to buy something from them! (See how easy it is folks, just reply to your emails and people will practically GIVE YOU THEIR MONEY!) But it’s much more amazing, when brands have seen the support you’ve given them, and give the support right back. (And this boys and girls, aka shitty customer serviced brands, is called building a relationship. Say it with me, building… buil… buil, building… Nevermind, maybe we’ll try again in the future.)

After exchanging a couple of emails and details, beers were drank over the 4th of July weekend, (by both parties, I’m sure,) and here we are…

Gotta love the package pics, right? Adds to the suspense?

Well, I think so…

“Golden” is right!

BIG thanks to the kind folks at Grant’s Golden Brand! You folks gave me amazing customer service, over a year ago, and have not let up! Something a lot of people take for granted, but not I! “Style Is Everything,” may need  to be changed to “Customer Service Is Everything!” Well, that doesn’t sound as cool, does it?

They’ve worked tirelessly, to give people what they wanted. By listening to their customers, they’ve developed a new product to offer stronger hold for both men and women. The bi-product of the customer feedback and actually giving a damn, is none other than their limited edition Putty Pomade.

Unfortunately, I’m in a bit of a “hair crisis.” If you haven’t seen my video posted earlier, I have a bowlcut… So, I’m in the middle of getting it fixed, a little later tonight. But you can bet your ass I’ll be putting this stuff to use, first thing in the morning!

Now… To show my appreciation for Grant’s, I’ll actually be giving some of their stuff away! Yeah, this is happening before my actual blog giveaway! This is how much I appreciate customer service, folks! Stay tuned next Tuesday for the details. I wish I can enclose them now, but I gotta keep up the suspense!!!

Again, thanks to Grant and the other folks at Grant’s Golden Brand. As you can tell, I appreciate it!

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.


3 responses to ““Style Is Everything”

  1. This is the kind of stuff I like to hear. Companies that actually have awesome customer service. Even restaurants with mediocre food make everything taste like 5 star dining when they know how to treat people right. I’ve been wanting to try Grant’s but can’t afford it for now. I especially like the idea of that putty pomade. Nice post!

    • Brands like these, who don’t trend on the whole Americana thing, but also live it and live by it, is amazing to me. It’s simple acts of kindness that a lot of American brands have disregarded, when it comes to customer service. A lot of European brands keep this level of customer service, which is why I reach out to try and show my support with various brands. Because I don’t just want to do a review, I want to build a relationship with these folks, and work along with em in the future, to really get the names out there.

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