As most of you know, I dig each and every reader I’ve got, especially those who reciprocate information and stories on this site. I’m highly appreciative of the fact that I’ve met a ton of amazing people through this site, and constantly meeting more and more folks! It’s awesome. I never thought my blogging would get as “popular” as it is now. I mean, barely getting 50 views starting off, and getting the views I get now? Crazy!

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With the help of this blog, I get to finally do what I’ve been wanting to do for years. So now, it’s T-Shirt time! Sometimes, waiting patiently works out for you and your designs. T-SHIRT TIME!!!

I’ve had several designs floating around in my head over the last 6 years. And now finally have a reason to have some of them made. Well, almost have a reason. Which is why I’m making this post!

Pretty much, I’m doing a roll call, to see how many guys and gals would be looking to purchase some shirts from me. The designs are clean and simple, not anything stereotypical, or at least I hope so!

The reason why I’m asking, is because I don’t want anyone to be left out. Getting individual t-shirts with a budget is tough, especially if you end up ordering short on a few sizes. And I’m sure not everyone is gonna be a medium or large! Either comment here or shoot me an email, telling me whether or not you’d be into seeing some t-shirts from me.

So folks, if you dig it and would like to support this blog, leave a comment or shoot me an email. The blog is gonna be growing, more so than it already has. So stay tuned!


22 responses to “T-SHIRT TIME!!!

  1. I would totally buy/wear a t-shirt. Jan REPRESENT!

  2. Show the designs before going to print. This way we can tell you what design we like better and you’ll have a better idea of how many of each to get.

  3. Joey Bada Bing

    Absolutely would wear one, because i know you’re design would no doubt be cool without being trendy and/or gimmicky.

  4. I probably would too, however I’m freakin’ broke so it would depend on the $$ and the design.

    • I probably would too, however I’m freakin’ broke so it would depend on the $$ and the design.
      I’m a medium BTW 🙂

  5. You already know, son! I’m down. I’m a big boy, so a 2xl if regular cut, 3xl if cut for a girl. ha! I knew this thing would take off! Stoked!

  6. For sure dude!

  7. Sounds like a cool idea.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback folks, I appreciate it!

    For now, I have one design in the works. It’s coming along, NICELY.

    I just need to know the size range. So far, I’m looking at small to 2XL. Maybe even XS to 3XL! Which is a HUGE range, when it comes to t-shirt printing. That’s why I need to get specific numbers down!

  9. I’d be down.

  10. Not a bad idea. Will probably get it.

  11. Equality 7-2521

    Depending on design I’d probably be down for a medium.

  12. Down for a medium

  13. I’d probably be down for a small.

  14. I’m down for a large shirt! Great blog, by the way!

  15. I’d get in on a RR T-shirt! Proceeds going to an awesome blog, ya know to help support your pomade habit! (I’d be in for a size M)

  16. Just around to reading this post and am TOTALLY for a large…that way it give me leeway to cut the sleeves and make it my own. In this Texas heat I just have no time for arm fabric. Great guy, great blog…REPRESENT! Keep us all informed…as I am sure you will 🙂

  17. Thanks for the support, guys! Any profit made will go towards more shirts and other projects, FOR the readers! What a cycle, right?

    The first design is getting finalized. Just gonna narrow down some sizes for shirts, and we’ll be good to go!

  18. Peratrooper

    I’d be interested in a Medium!

  19. Ooh! Ooh! Ooooooh!!
    If there’s even the smallest chance of still being included, I’m down for a small girly.

    • Michelle,

      I haven’t gotten the shirts made (yet.) But, I don’t have enough “demand” to have a full size run for womens shirts. I’m gonna try to work something out, but if anything… Would you be cool with a mens small??

      Let me know!

      – Jan

  20. Hey man, late reply, but I’d definitely be down to buy one of your shirts. I’m also a big boy though, so it’d have to be a 3X.

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