I know I’ve kept you folks on your toes quite a bit. I mean, the suspense was building, the anticipation to find out what I’m giving away got your knees shakin’, some guy probably shit his pants at midnight. I know, it’s been a tense couple of days. Want to know the results?

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Sorry folks, gonna have to try again next time…

I really wanted to start my giveaways, I really did. I even considered doing the giveaways IF the views from Tuesday and Wednesday were at least peaked a certain number. But alas, they were off by a miniscule 58 views… And really, that was MINISCULE compared to what I was thinking of!

Now, the Tuesday, it didn’t reach the desired amount of views. That’s fine, because at least I saw that the effort you all put in. But Wednesday, obviously as I previously stated, off by 58 views… Sigh… But hey, I did say it’ll take from the day I posted the initial post, till sometime next year, right? Not like I didn’t give ya a warning!

Oh well, at least this gives me more time to accumulate more prizes, right? I’ve already got about… 10 or so things to give away (some for separate contests.) But hey, at least now I’ll be able to score some cool shit, and  maybe make y’all that much more excited for the giveaway, yeah? And hey, if it takes you all about a year to complete the task, imagine how much more shit I’ll accumulate by then!

Since I won’t be starting my main line of giveaways until then, I will give you guys a hint on a giveaway I plan on doing sooner than that… It’s nice and simple, and has to do with these three things:

– Americana.
– Pomade.
– Style.

This giveaway will happen some time in August, so stay tuned!

But until then, spread the word folks! There’s much more to come from The Rebel Rouser, and trust me, you’ll dig it!


3 responses to “Giveaway: THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!

  1. Dude. Give stuff away and you’ll get the views. My lady’s photography website got up to 1000s of unique views a day when she started giving stuff away.

  2. Mr. Hella, im raging… haha

    • I’m sure a few cats are! Look at the bright side, I do have a giveaway coming up in August, so at least that’s one opportunity to win something, right?

      But… There’s ALWAYS a catch! 😉

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