Some proper reading material.

Aside from my blog, that is! 😉 JUST KIDDING FOLKS!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not one who likes to read. Well, books at least. In my entire high school career, I’ve read a total of one book, start to finish. That was in my… Sophmore year? Yeaaaah… Let’s just say, I didn’t care much for school, or was in school long enough to care about it.

Last night, the lady wanted to head over to Barnes & Noble and look for a book. Headed over to the magazine section, finally spotted a mag I’ve been trying to score. Went upstairs to look for a movie, but the guy working is a socially awkward dick. (Can you even do that? How does this work for your social life?) So instead, I went to see if they had a book I’ve been eyeballing for sometime. Which they did, but I found something else… The cover looks familiar, everyone has seen this type of work many times. So of course, I had to get it!

“The Twang Head ‘Round the World.”

Both of these fine pieces of reading material, are amazing. I’ve only flipped through so many pages, but man, let me tell ya… If you haven’t already, start buying Rodder’s Journal! It’s more of a book that a magazine. It’s got pages for days and images that will make you boys get your periods.

I’m tellin’ ya, if you aren’t much of a book reader like I am, you might wanna consider these two. Chalk full of history and knowledge, that’s put into words and being shared with the rest of us. Something you cats gotta dig!


9 responses to “Some proper reading material.

  1. Just a heads up with that Rockabilly book…it is not accurate on some of it’s information. While I was in England, my friend picked it up and there is a whole write up on an artist who was a complete fabrication, as were his recordings that were recorded 30+ years after the claims. I can’t remember the name of the artist but I will find out.

  2. Always fun getting a new fun book, woop woop!

    And a big YAY for socially awkward dicks! I’m socially awkward a lot…. and I’m probably a dick at times. 😉

  3. Since you picked up the journal are you on the h.a.m.b. forum?

    • Unfortunately, I’m not. It would just make be sad that I would have nothing to contribute. When I get my desired truck, then I’ll join. But for now, I’ll be lurkin’ in the dark, without a cool car.

  4. My trip was awesome, and no, my friend doesn’t have a blog. He keeps his geekiness private 😉

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