Rockabilly Cover Bands.

It’s not too often we find a good rockabilly cover band. (If you didn’t know… more than half of the bands of the 50s-60s covered songs! Well, same can be said for bands of today, as well…) But it’s not quite the same type of cover band I’m talking about…

As we all know, The Baseballs were a swing-and-a-miss! ZING! Well, not for the incoming “rockabilly” chicks of today, at least. They love em and that’s fine. Just as long as they keep it in their rooms and off the internet. Capeesh?

Being somewhat along the same lines as The Baseballs, (a band covering modern songs, with a rockabilly twist,) this band really seems to have gotten it right. And by right I mean they’re not anything like The Baseballs… (Yes, their take on Umbrella was pretty good, but aside from that… Eh…)

Taking a modern song, give it that rockabilly sound, and make it good. That’s pretty hard to do nowadays! If you don’t believe me, you should check out a Johnny Cash tribute CD I bought. Those covers made me hate life, for as long as that CD was playing! Well, not really. But close enough!

This is one band you don’t want to miss out on, folks.

With an ever so fitting name, here are, The Rocker Covers!

What better modern song, to give a rockabilly flavor, than Green Day’s – American Idiot? I don’t know about you guys, but I love Green Day, I love rockabilly, and this song sounds more than proper with some rockabilly tunes!

So head over to their pages:

Facebook Fan Page

Myspace Music Page

I mean, they can make Metro Station’s – Shake It enjoyable? They only have 3 songs on their MySpace page, so hopefully we’ll be seeing/hearing more of these guys soon!

Be prepared to see these guys plastered all over the many rockabilly tumblrs out there, very shortly!



2 responses to “Rockabilly Cover Bands.

  1. This guys are great! I haven’t heard such a great cover band! The last one I’ve seen was in a concert this month and is Michael Libow‘s cover band called Rod Lightning and the Thunderbolts of Love. They are playing classic rock and they were quite ok, so you should check them out:P

    • Hey Theresa,

      Glad you dig em! Definitely one of the better rockabilly inspired cover bands, out there today!

      I’ll definitely take a look into the band you suggested. They sound familiar, so I’m sure I’ve heard good things about them before! Just gotta job my memory.

      – Jan

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