More Grease, No Space. Solution?

Get a damn book case and shove everything in there! As if pomade couldn’t get any more trivial in my life, right? The tiny corner shelving I had previously bought to store my pomade, has now become useless, with all the recent pomades I’ve gotten! Man… Seriously though folks, this is some silly shit!

Well, as it were, when one shelf runs out of space, what do you do?  MAKE MORE SPACE!

So after moving some stuff around, putting together a new cheap shelf, this is what we end up with. Yes… I know… Redecorated JUST FOR POMADE… Serious stuff here folks!!!

Looking like a damn beauty supply shop!

To say the least… I’m pretty sure I’m well stocked for the next few years or so… Tools of the trade up top and everything else below. Yeah… We can say I have a problem, but then what are you doing reading my blog about it! Because you have the same problem! That, or you really like me!

Well folks, that’s all for now. But stay tuned, you all know what the deal is for my giveaway, but there’s more to come from The Rebel Rouser. A LOT MORE. So just stick around and have a ball, because as they say…

“Well, a rollin’ stone don’t gather no moss, they say…”

Stay greasy and pomp hard!

8 responses to “More Grease, No Space. Solution?

  1. Nice

  2. Equality 7-2521

    I’m a bit stuck on which pomade to try first as an all in one wonder if you will. Mr. Ducktail or the Layrite Super hold. I have thick, coarse hair as most people that cut my hair tell me, so taming it is quite the task. Curious, which gives more shine as well? Thanks, love the blog!

    • Hey,

      The two are on complete opposites of the spectrum. Layrite is a water-soluble pomade, which means it washes out with just water. Like a gel, if you will. Where as Mr. Ducktail’s pomade is not, won’t wash out with just water. Water soluble pomades harden slightly and have a matte finish. Petrolatum pomades have sheen. The heavier the pomade, the flatter the finish. The lighter the pomade, the higher the sheen.

      But if you really want to pick the two, I’d honestly say go for both! You can use Layrite as a base coat to style your hair. Let it set. Then you can use a light dab of Mr. Ducktail’s as a top coat, to give it a bit of sheen. This also makes washing it out easier, as the Layrite coats the hair first, making the Mr. Ducktail’s pomade sit on top, not directly on the hair.

      It’ll be expensive, but it’s a pretty solid combo.

      – Jan

  3. Holy jesus jan! That’s a lot a fuckin pomade! Hey, as one father to another…..happy fathers day!

  4. That is a beautiful sight indeed!

  5. Hey jan I picked some of that grease monkey pomade from my local walmart. Dude, this stuff is the best h2o based pomade that’s avail everywhere! As my hair is fine and not thick, I don’t have a use for layrite super hold and layrite…….well at 13 a jar its pricey. 4oz of monkey brains for 4 duckets is a steal and your right, it is very comparable to layrite. As you know I love my nu-nile, BUT I’m gonna use the grease monkey as my base and I put a little nu-nile as a top coat for some sheen and this combo is workin wonderfully!

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