Gotta Love Packages.

As much as I love getting packages, I hate em just the same. Well, no so much the contents of the packages, but the damn wait! And we all know how unfun it is to lose a package

But man, as soon as you see the package on your doorstep, especially after a long day, it’s almost like Christmas! And really, how often do us adults get that Christmas-y feeling nowadays? Not that often, right!?

Well, todays package, was a heavy one…

Hmmmmm... What could be inside?

A box full of coconut oil???

Not quite!

I seriously thing I may need to figure out another way to store my products. So when is Ikea gonna send me some shelving? Who’s gonna design a vanity stand for guys??? Haha!

Big thanks to Don at Imperial Dax for the care-package!

Stay tuned folks, there’s a lot more coming from Dax, as well as myself. Together? Who knows… You’ll just have to stick around and find out!


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