Pomade Review: Royal Crown (Stick)

Finally get to review this stuff!

Being relatively scarce, Royal Crowns Pomade stick is a favorite amongst pomade fans. I mean, any pomade that you don’t see too often, is automatically gonna have fans! So let’s see what makes this stuff different from the rest…

Since the price for this stuff is usually $4-5, as soon as I found it for $2, I bought a couple. Yeah, only a couple bucks different, but so what, it makes a difference, fucker! So now that I had a few in my hands, I figured I can finally experiment with it, and experimenting is what I did!

The container of this stuff is a little cardboard tube, with a push up bottom. Pretty much, exactly like a Push-Pop. If you were ever a kid, you loved Push-Pops. If you didn’t, stop reading…

This stuff is easy to spot, since its metallic green casing with red and silver stripes down the side. You’ll know when you spot it, as it’ll shine on the shelf like no other.

Royal Crown Black Stick PomadeRoyal Crown Black Stick Pomade

The consistency of this stuff is THICK. Since it’s meant to streak through your hair, namely grey hair, hence being black. Since I’m fortunate enough to not have any grey hairs, being in my 20s (knock-on-wood) I didn’t need to streak this stuff in… And this may be the tricky part…

The scent is like some of the older pomades, almost non-existent. It doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t have a particular scent either. Can’t exactly talk much about scent now, can I?

Now… The application…

From what we’re all used to, is digging our fingers into a tin, scooping the stuff out and applying. Well folks, this stuff is a little trickier than that!

Being a very stiff stick (giggity,) this stuff is nearly impossible to spread in your hands. Especially since you want it to spread evenly. Some parts will crumble and be a pain in the ass, cuz it’ll drop out of your palm. And unlike the other black beeswax around, this stuff will DEFINITELY STAIN!

Yeah… This is AFTER I had applied it into my hair. So believe me when I say, this stuff, will, stain, EVERYTHING!

After getting as much into my hair as possible, it came to styling. Since I wasn’t able to thoroughly apply it, I had to constantly comb my hair, hoping it’ll coat evenly.

Since it’s thick, it’s gonna leave you with a matte finish. Surprisingly, being so thick, it won’t leave you with much hold.

I was able to get a moderate pomp up, but I wasn’t satisfied.

I figured I could crumble this stuff into chunks and melt it into my palms with a blow dryer. Let’s just say, I should’ve used a container to melt it in…

Looks like charcoal, huh?

Crumbled as much of this stuff as I could, I tried to melt it down in my hands with a blow dryer. Not a smart choice. It blew around, didn’t melt, and if I had it on high, it would’ve probably burnt my hand. Oh well, that’s the price I have to pay, to review this stuff for you folks, right?

After softening it a bit more in my hands, I applied the rest into my hair, used a blow dryer to melt it down, as you would a wax, and combed the rest in thoroughly.

After that was all said and done, it was time to style. Since being melted in my hair and being thoroughly combed through, I was starting to dig this stuff. But man, this stuff takes dedication to use!

Finished product:

Not too shabby…

As I said, this stuff takes dedication! Especially if you want to use it as a standalone product, and not for simply using it for what it’s supposed to do. (Cover the grey hairs.)

When it touches water, this stuff reacts just like a wax. This stuff is anti-water. So when you take a shower and comb your hair, prepare to see a whole lot of flaking! I mean, this stuff is meant to cover the grey areas and stay there for a while, but man… Definitely a pain in the ass to wash out!

I plan on taking an empty tin, melting this stuff down and using it that way. But until then, here are my current thoughts on this stuff:

This stuff is a classic. Definitely one to have, just to have. It’s hard to look the other way, when you spot a classic pomade on the shelves! 
 The hold I was able to get from the little amount I crumbled, was nice. Some what similar to a molding paste, than a pomade, styling wise that is. But if you plan on using this stuff somewhat regularly, be prepared to do some work!

As they say,

“It ain’t easy bein’ greasy!”

Until the next time folks.

Pomp hard.