Pomade Haul.

Sometimes, getting lost can be a good thing. Except when you have something to do, for someone else!

From what was supposed to be a day of helping someone move, became a day of driving all around the Bay Area… Long ass story short, I went from Oakland, went to the area I was supposed to be in, drove in circles for 30 minutes (passing where I needed to be, a couple of times!) then was supposed to head to Berkeley, ended up in a deep part of Oakland, then tried to get back, somehow ending up in Dublin, then ended up back to where I was originally supposed to be, to realize that the pit stop we made, was a few blocks down from where we were supposed to be in the first place… So in short… That was a whole lot lost as fuck!

As it’s said:

“When life hands you lemons, just say fuck the lemons and bail.”

– Kunu

So, we made best of our situation, and did a little hunting. I mean, how often am I gonna be in the cuts of Oakland? Not very! So after many illegal u-turns and double checking if the car is locked, this is what I came home with…

Royal Crown Pomade Stick

I already have one of these, but this place had em for a few bucks cheaper, so why not? Now I get to actually use it!


Many folks bugged me about this stuff. A lot of people dig it and wanna see what I think about it. So why not? Plus, it was cheaper than any other place I’ve found it…

Ampro Black Beeswax

It was my first time spotting this stuff and it has a different consistency than any other beeswax I’ve seen, so why not?

Grandma Wilkie’s Beeswax

I needed some more black beeswax and this stuff smelt and looked good. So why not?

Now, for the good stuff…

E.F. Young Jr Pomade

Never seen this stuff around, but I know it’s relatively modern with the bar code. But hey, it’s different, never seen it around, and probably won’t as these were the last two the shop had. Plus, this stuff feels REALLY nice. Can’t wait to use it.

For the topper…

Dixie Peach

Yup… That’s a whole lot of Dixie Peach Pomade!

Not a bad haul, right? Might as well have made something from getting lost, and wasting half a tank of gas going in the biggest circles ever…

Now let’s just say, I’m done with driving around, for a good week or so!


4 responses to “Pomade Haul.

  1. Caterpillarnut

    Rad. Can’t wait to see some of the upcoming reviews!

  2. Haha, awwwwww! What a dumb day, but as you said…. rewarding in Pomade heaven??? Well, thanks for… helping and wasting gas d’oh!

  3. Dixie Peach, that’s vintage.

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