Pomade Review: Geo.F. Trumpers

Alright, time go get back on track. Got caught up helping others find bloggers to review products, when I’ve got some reviews to do myself!

Next up, we’ve got Geo.F. Trumpers pomade. If you don’t know much about this stuff, here’s the run down…

They are one of London’s major mens healthcare line. Or should I say, gentleman’s, healthcare line. Yes, indeed, healthcare and not hair care. Why?

They not only have a pomade, but they have anything and everything a man needs to get dapper every morning. Cologne’s, shampoos, oils, aftershave, etc etc and more. They’ve got it all. This brand is very much so a line for the gentlemen! So what does that say for us greasers?

Off the bat, knowing this is more of a gentleman’s pomade than anything else, I knew it wouldn’t have a crazy strong hold. I’m not complaining, but that’s just the way it is! Gentlemen don’t want their hair to be overly greasy, nor do they want their hard to harden in any way. Nice, flowy, with a touch of shine, enough hold to keep the hair together, with a nice easy scent. So does this stuff have that?

So let’s get dapper, shall we!

Receiving a sample sized package of this stuff, its packaging is (obviously) different from the usual plastic tub it comes in. The little sleeve the sample container came in, has the same logo the regular container has. But smaller, duh.

You can already tell how much of a gentleman’s line this is, because well… EVEN THEIR TINY SAMPLES COME PROPER! And to me, that’s awesome! Gotta dig those little details!

Opening it up, you aren’t pushed back with an overwhelming scent. It’s a nice, easy, fresh scent. Nothing that would mask the aroma of a good Cognac. Just a simple, fresh scent. Not everyone wants vanilla! But, bitches do love vanilla…

You can already tell that the consistency is light, not greasy, and something you’d use to slick your hair with a part.

It’s consistency is slightly waxy. Just enough to easily coat the hair, without having to strain over it. Gotta dig that color blue…

Combing it in, is as easy as it can get. With the slight waxiness, you have a little bit of hold, but not by much. There’s just enough hold to keep your hair together, but not enough to lift it to any height. As I’ve said, it’s a gentlemens product, so hold is not a major issue.

While I didn’t style my hair accordingly, I did style it as if I would a pompadour. I mean, that’s how I compare products, right?

Apparently I hd a blue dot floating above my head…

Obviously, had I slicked it down and gotten dapper with it, it would’ve been slicked and parted nicely. But, I do pompadours! And I compare products by seeing how they would hold up to a pompadour! So, you get as much of a pompadour as I could get, using Geo.F. Trumpers pomade.

Overall, Geo.F. Trumpers already has a market they cater to, the gentlemen. They don’t need greasers trying to get up in the mix! The healthcare line is solid as can be. The only thing I can see them adding to their line up, is a fancy flask with some nice brandy. Other than that, they’re as good as gold. Can’t exactly make them change what they’ve been doing since 1875, right?

Thanks again to Rebecca at Geo.F. Trumpers for sending me out the samples. Though we don’t dress the part, we are definitely gentlemen to our ladies! Well, most of us anyways.

Until the next time folks.

Stay Greasy.


2 responses to “Pomade Review: Geo.F. Trumpers

  1. Doesn’t look too bad. Reminiscent of Elvis in a way.

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