The Waldorf Barbershop.

I know I haven’t posted much from this shop, but these folks are legit!

The Waldorf Barbershop is probably one of the top barbershops in Dublin and have an amazing reputation. Their styling is impeccable, the shop always seems to be in effortless uniform, and they aren’t limited to either male or female barbers! Which some shops nowadays, prefer to have either just male or female barbers. It’s not saying that male barbers are better than females, and vice versa, but more so it’s a gimmick.

Either way, this place is awesome!

Not only do they cut and style hair, they teach it top! I gotta get my ass out of here and off to Dublin! For that information, click here.

What better way to show off your shop, than to have an a cappella group sing inside the shop? Who doesn’t love a cappella? Who doesn’t love a barbershop? Only makes sense, right? That’s a lot of question marks?

The Larkfield Four – Down By The Riverside.

This place is definitely worth checking out. If only it were in Dublin, California!


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