Even the Mods aren’t safe…

If you’ve been diggin’ my blog long enough, you’d notice some posts about seeing “rockabilly” gear popping up at major clothing chains. Artists like Elvis and Johnny Cash are an easy sell. I mean, it’s fuckin’ Elvis and Johnny Cash! Of course you’re gonna see them in major chains! But hey, it’s funny to see which store picks up which trend next, right?

Keep reading to see what’s trending in mainstream America today!

Speaking of which, this past weekend, I’ve seen someone who probably has no idea who Johnny Cash is,  wearing the infamous Old Navy Man In Black shirt. Trust me, you would’ve been floored when you seen this guy. Polar opposites!


While the rockabilly thing has been on a rise as of late, it’s not the only thing to come out of the 50s-60s to hit the mainstream market!

What’s Up Rockers!


I’m not gonna get into the whole Vespa vs Cafe Racer, Mod vs Rocker thing. But man… Take a look at that shirt…

Can you guess where I spotted this shirt? Here’s a hint, take a look at that size tag…

Given up?

The GAP. Yup… GAP…

We all know that Gap = Old Navy = Banana Republic = whatever and etcetera.

But don’t worry, that wasn’t the only place I spotted a Mod specific product.

Target is also on the bandwagon!

Mod Hits!

For a low price of $8.99 you too can be hip and get your Mod on! I’m sure that after hipsters are tired of greasin’ up their fluffy pompadours, they’ll let the hair droop down, put on a super slim fitting suit, and shake around to this CD!

Don’t worry folks, I’m sure there are more stores stocking up on the coolest Mod gear! I’m sure they’ll make the clothes as slim as possible and start slapping that good ol’ British flag on everything you can imagine!

Now… When will America pick up on the Teds?


5 responses to “Even the Mods aren’t safe…

  1. That last sentence made me laugh. During my high school days in San Francisco (mid 80s), my buddies and I called ourselves the Teddy Boys modeling ourselves after the Teds from Britain. Just trying to be different from the mods, death rockers, and punks of the time. We even had business cards printed up so we could conveniently use them to exchange phone numbers with the ladies. : )

  2. On the subject of people wearing shirts they don’t understand, it reminds me of a few years back when the retro punk thing was big. A coworker of mine came back from HK sporting a new Exploited shirt. I said, “Hey man, I didn’t know you were into the Exploited.” He replied, “The who?? Oh, this shirt? I just liked the design.”

    • Ivan,

      Story of our lives, man.

      I’m not gonna lie, I’ve once before fallen victim to wearing something that had a logo I had no idea about. No idea what the words were about, who the artist was, the brand, the history, anything… But then again, I was a 3rd grader wearing a Jose Cuervo hat.

      – Jan

    • I’ve had the same thing happen to me(exept with a different tshirt) my best friend came to class in the 10th grade warring a Elvis tshirt I asked him “do you listen to Elvis?” he said no and he just picked it up because he thought it was a “hip” thing to wear

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