Raw: Rockabilly.

Oh man, this brings back memories!

Like most guys, I watched WWF. Who the fuck didn’t???

There were tons of different characters out there that we all loved watching. Whether it be “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, Jake The Snake, the whole DX crew, as well as a never ending list of the legends of professional wrestling, these guys captivated millions all over the world. And it was their individual persona’s that did it! How could you not have a favorite?

Before Billy Gunn teamed up with “The Road Dogg” Jesse James, he was Rockabilly, who accompanied The Honky Tonk Man. How could you not remember that duo??? Honky Tonk was sportin’ the full Elvis impersonator get-up with the jet black pomp, rhinestones and all. Classic!

But man, this clip brings back some memories.

Of course, you cannot forget Marlena and Goldust! Fuckin’ Goldust, man! Just dip Boy George in some gold and you have Goldust! Fuckin’ wild! Man… Those were the good ol’ days.

Too bad no one watching gave a fuck about rockabilly, or else Rockabilly and The Honky Tonk Man would’ve been around just a bit longer. Oh well, it was good while it lasted!


6 responses to “Raw: Rockabilly.

  1. Shit, I remeber the bouts which pitched sargent slaughter against the iron shiek and that russian dude! Talk about cold war propaganda! Sargent slaughter won every time. Or rowdy roddy piper? Or captain lou albano and the wild samoans? Andre the giant? Jimmy superfly snuka? That guy created the flyin off the top rope!

  2. Remember The Honky Tonk Man’s signature move? I think it was called “Shake Rattle & Roll” or something like that. ;P

  3. God, not Gold dust, he was the worst.

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