Don’t Forget!

Forgot to post this one up.

Don’t forget about the Haight Street Hop, on every first Friday of the month!

This up coming Haight Street Hop will have a theme. With high school kids having prom around the corner, those little cunts will be sneaking in alcohol just to have a ball. So, why not have a prom for the folks who can do that shit legally?

Word is that there’s gonna be a photographer with a cheesy backdrop. If he’s there, I’m game. If not, I’m probably gonna get drunk anyways!

So swing on by and kick back with a $5 PBR and whiskey shot! The lovely ladies at The Wak Shack will be dolling up the gals and slicking back the fellas. For free! Plus, The Quarter Mile Combo will be jamming for this record hop, so why not!

And as always, BUY ME A BEER! (Just kidding but not really. For the most part, that is!)

See you all there!

4 responses to “Don’t Forget!

  1. Hey jan, a little bit off topic here but I was reading ur post about the vans wingtip eras and it made think about shoes for a bit. Now I know most cats like to wear enginer, harness, or d.m.’s when it comes to boots. That’s cool n all, well not cool when they think that’s the de rigure of greaser boot foot wear and everything else is poser crap. Fuck em! Yesterday I happen to come across a nice used pair of redwing 50’s workboots! You should see these babies! A nice rich brown leather, not that cheap leather that’s used today. Full sole that’s in very good condition. Since the emo-hipster guy workin the counter had no idea what the hell these were, well let’s just say I pretty much walked away with these for next to nothin! I just slapped some new comfy insoles in em and waaaala! I dig em, the chicks dig em, and the egocentric uber greaser cats here in the O.C. just stare with a wtf are those look on their faces. Sorry for ranting, but I love these fuckin shoes! Now I’m on the hunt for those eras as I’m sick of chucksand those eras look cool as phuc!

    • Chris,

      Do you have a picture or remember which model Red Wings they are? I rock the Gentlemen Travelers and they’re amazing. NOT MADE IN CHINA! Haha. I’m still on my hunt for pair of Red Wing engineer boots, but my “contact” hasn’t exactly been in contact!

      Red Wings are definitely choice. If I had $$$, there are a ton of other amazing boots, with the spirit of Americana still in em. (leather making, construction, etc etc.)

      – Jan

  2. Ill check and see if they have a serial number in them. They do have a cap toe and I think, if my memory serves me right on this, they’re the iron something or other

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