Youtube Page.

Ok, I’m not gonna lie…

Though I was annoyed with the first video, I’m getting a little addicted to this whole video blogging thing. For me, I’ve always been a visual learner. And learning how to comb a pompadour, is definitely something you need to visually see. So, I plan on making a few more videos! Got a decent amount of feedback from the first one, so why not?

Kicking off this new found addiction, I decided to do a video about basic styling techniques. I mention them throughout various posts and some people have no idea what I’m talking about. So, to help explain things a bit better, why not describe it through video?

So check out my YouTube page and enjoy!


8 responses to “Youtube Page.

  1. blue shit= Barbicide ;P , thanks for the comb cleaning tip dude.


  2. “..visually see” tee hee.

    Good video. This actually was more useful than others I’ve seen (yes, visually), so I hope some folks can learn from it. Nothing worse than bad hair worn by someone who thinks they did a kick-ass job.

  3. Baby oil and soap works well for removing pomade from your comb as well as your hands and hair. Every morning after I get buttered up I will wash my comb as I wash my hands, holding my comb between my palms and wash them both at the same time. Squirt a little oil, rub, a little soap, rub, rinse. I’m no Rebel Rouser but that’s what I do, anyway.

  4. Caterpillarnut

    Using an old toothbrush helps clean combs bigtime.

  5. great vid, only issue w/ me is my hair curls after 2″

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