Upcoming Events.

Got a few more upcoming events for y’all…

This one, is a little different from what you’re all used to…

My buddy Kiya got his feet wet in the world of art. He and artist APEX collaborated on this show. Replacing the usual blank canvas, to denim. How does this relate to rockabilly, you ask? Well that’s simple. Denim is a major part of Americana, in which a lot of rockabilly today, is based of off. You don’t see cats rockin’ Seven jeans at rockabilly events, do ya? Exactly…

So come out, enjoy a nice little art show and learn some history. Now you’ll understand why unwashed 501s are popular within the scene. 

Check it out, it opens this weekend at the White Walls Gallery.

Next weekend, Omar from Omar & The Stringpoppers/every other Wild Records band, is gonna be at The Knockout celebrating his 15th birthday. I’m just kidding. He just looks young… lucky bastard. Anyways. Definitely a gig you don’t wanna miss…

July 9th, Cafe Du Nord will be rockin’ out with the West Coast Ramblers, Slim Jenkins, and The Stillmen. Now, I coulda sworn that they “ruinited” at the 23 Club, a few months back… But who the hell cares, as they were rockin’ hard that night, and it won’t be any less rockin’ this night!

And for those who know Cafe Du Nord, you better get there ahead of time! This place isn’t the biggest, but it sure as hell draws in a crowd. So get there early enough to get yourself a table!

For more events, check out Nor-Cal Rockabilly and A-Town Agency.


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