Babes, Spades & Razorblades.

Sorry folks, this ain’t got nothing to do with any of that! Well… for the most part… I know that beards are the ‘in’ thing as of late, just like bacon, but you can’t go wrong with a fresh, clean shave.

The other ritual some of us guys got, aside from greasin’ up, is shaving. It doesn’t matter if you rock a beard now, at one time or another, you had your little shaving ritual. It’s one thing men just have to do. Whether you’re using a straight razor on yourself, a disposable razor, a five bladed Mach 5, or hell, even an electric razor… You got your little shaving ritual and it’s your own. Simple as that.

Now, this little ritual is usually passed down from a father to his son. But for some of us, we had to learn on our own. Me, included. And with us not having another persons guild lines to follow, you can sure as hell bet that there’s been a shit ton of trial and error! Since I have sensitive skin, it showed when I’ve messed up. And trust me, it wasn’t pretty!

Of course, there’s nothing that beats being shaved by a barber who yields a straight razor. It just doesn’t get any better than that. It’s quite expensive to maintain your facial hair that way, and for me, I don’t have enough facial hair for me to want to maintain it that way! If only, right? But we all have to make due with what we got.

Living in the Philippines, I didn’t have the luxury of having an electric razor or a Mach 5 with all of its $$$ refill cartridges. (YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE THOSE FUCKERS ARE???) Hell, I didn’t even have the luxury of having hot water! I had to balance between using disposable razors, and using a specific razor for the main first shave, then another one throughout the week, then rotate. And now I’m back in the US! HAH!

Regardless of the living conditions, I still maintained my shaving ritual. If only I were able to enjoy it in a hot shower… That blade would’ve felt SO much better.

But after coming back and freely having access to the internet, I found this little gem. This video, would’ve saved a ton of money, had I discovered this any sooner. You know how many disposable razors and Mach 5 cartridges I’ve gone through??? You know how much money I could’ve saved! CADILLAC MONEY, HOLMES! Just kidding… Hopefully…

[WARNING: Topless old man. NSFW. Just kidding. Unless you get freaky to that…]

While this doesn’t seem right to some people. You have to trust me, it works! No, it won’t shave your hair off of your arms, because the blades face the opposite way!

This little method has become apart of my shaving ritual. And it works perfectly. While I haven’t used one single razor for whatever many years, I manage to use one for a good couple of months. Somehow, it’ll get mixed up with my lady’s razor, and I just give up. You don’t want certain down-there-hairs around your face! Well, there’s a time and place for that, and that time and place is not while you’re shaving! For the few of you who like that during shaving… Well… I guess you can change the phrase from “As soft as a baby’s bottom,” to… You can figure that one out for yourselves ;).

Of course, this is just one minute detail into shaving. But hey, it’s quite a good one, don’t you think?

While there’s much more to shaving that just the razor blades, such as direction of the shave, tightening of the skin, type of shaving cream/foam/gel, cleaning of the blades, lathering up, aftershave, before-during or after a shower, pressure, cold water splash, etc etc etc and more etc… Regardless, it’s a helpful one, that’ll help guys clean up and look proper, under any circumstance. You can’t say you were stuck on an island, with a single disposable razor blade and couldn’t shave the whole time you were there!

I just had a dream about getting a straight razor. Maybe it’s time to invest in one… But until I do…

Keep it greasy, folks!


13 responses to “Babes, Spades & Razorblades.

  1. Double-edge razors are great, too. Being raised by women, I had to learn by trial and error (and massive blood loss), so I hear ya.

    Try a Merkur DE safety razor. A lot cheaper than a straight edge razor, too.

  2. I second the Merkur suggestion. I have been using one for two years now, and find it gives a superior shave compared to those mach-5/6/8 things, and the blades are cheaper. The only drawback I have found is that when I travel, I only pack one bag (carry on) so I have to either give my blades to a friend who is checking their luggage, or buy blades when I get where I am going.

    I use the 34C Merkur Classic Heavy Duty, which goes for about $40. The weight of the the device does almost all of the work for you. (Check a few youtube videos to get over any fear, though if you are considering a straight razor, that shouldn’t be an issue) Then, invest in a shave brush and some good puck soap (which also lasts for a LONG time). I’ve used Col. Conk, but about a year ago I switched to Pre de Provence. It comes in a handy tin, about the same size as a Schmiere tin, with a screw top. I have a second tin and brush in my dop kit so I am ready to go. The scent is pleasant but not too strong, and it makes a nice lather.

    • Hey Ivan,

      Thanks for the tips!

      Definitely need to look closer into one. I’ve strayed away from the Mach 5, and just been using a Gillette disposable razor with two blades. As I said, a lot of trial and error, and I found that more than 2 blades on my skin is a little much. 1-2 works best, that’s for sure.

      – Jan

    • It’s true, the 34c is the way to go. The weight truly does a lot of the work for you. Coming from someone who used to cut themselves using a goddam electric razor, the double edge has been a great discovery.

  3. I use merkur 34c. That’s a pretty good starting razor. Best shaves I’ve had. You just have to practice your technique before you get it down. Check out

    • Hey Adrian,

      I’m a member of Badger&Blade and have been lurking for a while now. Definitely a lot of great tips on that site. One of the best forums for hygiene.

      Apparently the 34c seems to have a good fan base. Might be the one!

      – Jan

  4. You can also find old gilette* DE razors for les than $10. You just have to clean them and get new blades.

    • Thanks for the recommendation, man. I’ll definitely have to look into it. Just so many different options for razors, I’m gonna have a heck of a time choosing!

      – Jan

  5. I’m thinking about going into the double-edge game myself as I am too broke to pay for those god damned cartridges but hate disposables. Either that or a good straight razor but it seems like a big investment up-front and an awful lot of work to keep them in good shape. But yeah, that video seems like the same concept as stropping a straight razor and I’ve been using it to get a few shaves out of my Bic disposables.

    Hopefully tonight I will get some down-there hairs around my face.

    • Straight razors are a $$$ investment, as there’s a lot of bits and pieces to have a perfect set. But once you have it, you’re good to go, for many many years!

      The video is definitely good for the rest of us who don’t have their own perfect shaving set ups. Plus, it actually works! Can’t complain!

      – Jan

  6. I used to have constant razor burn, when I switched to a DE and better soaps, my skin improved 100fold. A friend even noticed and switched too. Don’t look back, I mean Elvis did it:)

    • Haha, so Elvis is the basis for everything now! Well… Pretty much!

      There’s a few soap brands I’ve been checking into. So hopefully things work out soon!

      The only thing I hate about shaving, is that bugs love me, right after I shave. And then it looks like I suck at shaving, haha.

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