Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Molding Paste)

Since the last review from Johnny B. was somewhat lack luster, being nearly identical to a product I’ve reviewed previously… We’ll finish this line up with reviewing their Molding Paste.

For our final installment of pomade reviews from the Johnny B. Hair Care line, we’ve got its Molding Paste. While it’s not a pomade, it doesn’t mean it can’t style a mean pomp! Or does it?

Opening this stuff up, it has a rather similar look to their previous product I had reviewed, the Street Cream. After scooping some out, it seems to be rather similar to the street cream, but with just a little bit thicker.

Now, the thickness of the street cream kind of put a damper on the product, because it left the hair with a few paste marks here and there. But maybe this one is a little different?

The scent is light and easy on the nose. It smells fresh. Somewhere between bath soap and deodorant.  And when it comes to this sort of market, scent is everything! There’s a lot of people turning their noses up a bit higher, when a product doesn’t have the most appeasing scent. So brands, take note.

Applying to the hair is also rather similar to the street cream. But combing it, however, much different…

This stuff, is STIFF! Now, this is my first time messing around with molding pastes, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But man… This stuff literally made my hair stick straight up! I have wavy hair, so if a product makes my hair stick straight up, you know it’s stiff!

Since it’s so stiff, actually “molding” this stuff into a pomp, was a little difficult. Some parts would stick straight out to the sides, rounding it out to the pomp wasn’t the easiest thing. It would make the front flat because… well, that’s how stiff this stuff is!

With the help of wet-combing, it helped get styling back on track, and got rid of a few paste marks. As it were, with most water-soluble products that you would wet comb, it hardened. But if you’re literally looking to “pomp hard,” I guess it ain’t too bad, right?

But as I said, this stuff made my hair stick straight. So getting some parts to sit flat, was pretty tough. While it was great for getting the pomp up, it didn’t work as well as I’d like it to on the sides/back.

Overall, this stuff has to be the stiffest product from Johnny B. Definitely a great standalone product for mohawks and psychobilly pomps. Not so much for lower profiled hairstyles. With a topcoat of Xtra Hold, it softened the paste quite a bit, and added sheen. But, this one is just not for me.

Well, that’s all from the Johnny B. line. Big thanks to Socrates for sending me out the samples to review. I’m definitely impressed with the street cream and the shampoo paste. The other products just didn’t seem to agree with my hair. That doesn’t mean they aren’t the right products, for some other cats out there!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard.


5 responses to “Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Molding Paste)

  1. Oooh, this might be for me. Since my Girl Hair isn’t cut properly for a true pomp, and its behavior is generally Unreasonable, I have a heckuva time convincing it to NOT fall over.

  2. That does look harsh! Great for quiffs though i’d think.

  3. So which johnny b product would you recommend out of all of them?

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