Monkey Brains.

Growing up, my aunt would make this crazy good and sweet desert bread called “monkey brains.” I wish I was talking about that right now, because it’s been years since I had any! But, since this blog is mainly about rockabilly, pompadours, and pomade, we can’t stray too far away from that, can we?

Rockabilly bread?

A few people have told me about Monkey Brains water soluble pomade, Grease Monkey. From what I’ve heard, it’s good, works just as well as any other “rockabilly pomade” out there, plus, it’s not too hard on the wallets.

With summer coming soon, well… As soon as these crazy clouds drift away… There’s gonna be some hot summer nights, where it’ll be too unbearable to rock the heavy grease. So, it’s perfect timing to use the water soluble stuff!

Shot out an email, waited what seemed like forever, and the package has arrived! Yes, “seemed like forever.” I hate waiting for packages! Don’t you? But hey, it sure as hell beats waiting for a messenger riding on a horses back, eh?


Included was also some sachet packets of their Psycho Sticky hair glue and Super sticky hair gel. Yes, I know… It’s blasphemy to style a pompadour using gel, but both will be reviewed!

Big thanks to Rebecca at Monkey Brains, for sending me the package. As well as offering excellent customer service! Something some rockabilly pomade brands need to take note on… (This does not include any one I’ve already talked to! So don’t worry! Y’all are great!)

Hopefully, well see a Pegasus fly across the sky and bring out the sun. But until then, this stuff will be on the back-burner.

So until then,

Keep it greasy.


7 responses to “Monkey Brains.

  1. Looking forward to your review of the Grease Monkey pomade. Particularly interested in how it compares to Layrite Super Hold. Thanks!

  2. Sounds good. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  3. $2.00 at Rite Aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What’s up Rebel! The site is under construction and I have been trying to get pricing and availability because no walgreens or anywhere else but ebay or amazon carry it at nearly the same price with shipping for a Layrite that I can get locally for $15 even. Can you help me out on trying to reach her at Monkey Brains so I can look fabulous like you! 😉

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