Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Xtra Hold)

For our next installment of Johnny B. pomade reviews, we have its XTRA HOLD!

Per usual, the logo is the same, aside from the colors of the label. Not everyone can have a ton of different little birdies like Schmiere, right? Hmm… It also looks to have the same texture as Schmiere, inside the container, no?

This stuff smells really fresh. Got to hand it to these guys, they chose great scents for their products! It’s somewhat like a fruity, candle, deodorant fresh scent. I’m sure the folks at Johnny B. would’ve prefered a better way to describe their products, but hey, it’s all I got!

Scooping this stuff out, it comes out just like Schmiere (weich)… Hey… Wait a minute…

This looks JUST like Schmiere!

Well folks, because it pretty much is. Leaving me with not much to say about the product!

Aside from the different color, scent and a tad bit of difference in the hold, this product is pretty much identical to Schmiere’s weich hold pomade. The main difference being, I was able to  get a pomp goin’ with Schmiere, and this stuff I couldn’t., due to Schmiere’s pomade having a bit more hold than this stuff has. Not by much, but enough to actually get a pompadour up.

I’m not saying this is a bad product… But the name, “XTRA HOLD” might need to be changed to “XTRA WET,” as this stuff gives the perfect wet look.

Definitely a nice product for slicking your hair down.

Between this stuff and the original hold, I’d favor the “xtra hold.” It didn’t give the unnecessary volume as the original hold did. Which makes a huge difference when trying to style your hair.

Now the hard part… Not only is it very similar to Schmiere’s weich hold, it’s also nearly priced the same. So, for you customers out there, you’re gonna pretty much have to decide on which packaging you want and which scent you like! Decisions decisions…

Well folks, that’s all for now. So far, Johnny B. is 2 for 4! We’ve got one more product to review, and let’s hope it’s a good one!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard!


2 responses to “Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Xtra Hold)

  1. I wonder what product they’re using on that mohawk guy they have on their site?!?!

    • Mike,

      They probably used the last product I have to review, their Molding Paste. It’s REALLY stiff, so I can bet ya that’s what they used for the mohawk!

      – Jan

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