Can’t find a Johnny Cash shirt?

Well look no further…

Previously, I noted that Target and Hot Topic stocked some Johnny Cash and Elvis shirts. But I spotted this sweet “genuine” Man In Black shirt at Old Navy. Can’t get anymore Americana than that, right?


Don’t worry folks, until we start seeing Eddie Cochran or Buddy Holly shirts at these places, we’ll be safe for a while. Well, until summer comes around.

Can’t wait to see angst-y teens wearing skinny jeans and Johnny Cash shirts, while sitting along along the concrete wall of Old Navy while their moms shop for them, but they’re too “embarrassed” to be seen with em, in public!

Don’t worry… I’ll let y’all know when I spot a 13 year old, rockin’ a pompadour, skinny jeans and Wayfarers!

9 responses to “Can’t find a Johnny Cash shirt?

  1. Caterpillarnut

    This really sucks because Johnny is one of my favorite musicians. He was already “trendy”, and this isn’t helping the situation.

    • Hot Topic is the last place I’d want to see Johnny Cash. I’d actually “accept” Old Navy, selling a shirt, because it’s atleast aimed towards Americana. Whereas Hot Topic, is aimed towards the fucks.

  2. I have a picture and a video from huntsville last weekend that you need to see. Its odd to say the least.

  3. I think it’s just something every artist’s image goes through. There will always be some marketeer wank who will find an icon and market the shit out of. It’ll blow over eventually. I think the best thing people can do is just stick to what they do, keep the irritation at a low and just wait it out.

    • It’s a never ending cycle of unimaginative “design.”

      An artist will look at a design, “draw inspiration from it,” and subconsciously make a blatant rip off of it, and honestly believe it were an original idea. It goes for any and every design out there, whether it be bikes, rockabilly, whatever. It’s happened many times in the past and hasn’t let up since.

      But of course, it’s funny to point out what stores are picking up on such trends and are trying to profit on it.

      I mean, Johnny Cash & Elvis at Hot Topic? I mean, I get it… But doesn’t mean it’s right!

      – Jan

  4. Starbucks has been selling Eddie Cochran cds as of late…

  5. When I was 13 I rocked a pompadour, but I didn’t wear and god damn skinny jeans or wayfarers.

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