Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Street Cream)

After the lack luster Johnny B. original hold, it was time to see if any of the other products were going to do this brand some justice. With 3 different kinds of products to choose from, I went with whatever was closest to the top. Yes, I know I said I like to go in order, but fuck it, Street Cream it is!

This time around, I wanted to try their “Street Cream” product. I’m not one to use modern hair creams, but why the fuck not?  Since for me, hair creams just don’t work well with my hair being so thick, I don’t go out and look for any. So it’s tough to find one that might work.

Of course, it has the same packaging, just with a different colored label.

Being a cream, this stuff looks like a pudding. I love pudding. But only chocolate and vanilla type of pudding. None of that fruity shit. Good thing this stuff has a fruity scent, or else I’d try to eat it! For fucks sake, no I wouldn’t actually try to eat this. Are you kidding me? It’s not like it’s sitting in a damn Jell-O cup, in the fridge! (But I did grab my Groom & Clean, when meaning to grab my toothpaste :X. What, it was the closest tube next to me!)


While being a cream, this stuff is THICK and PASTY. It almost has the consistency of toothpaste. Not the new gel shit, actual toothpaste. But thick as hell.

Being so thick and pasty (just how I like my girls! GIGGIDY!,) this stuff goes through you hair, just like that. THICK. AND. PASTY. Which isn’t exactly a good thing. Even after combing through my hair multiple times, I would still have a few paste marks in my hair.

But after doing a light wetcomb through, I was able to dissipate the paste marks, and move on to properly styling it.

Styling with this stuff, is easy. Actually, it’s great. If you have any experience styling with Layrite, you’ll know how easy it is. This stuff is the same. While not being a gel pomade like Layrite, styling wise it was just as easy. And just like Layrite, you’ll end up with a matte finish, without any sheen. What happened to the “Adds Shine” line?

To really test the hold on this stuff, I went on a walk with my kid. And on the way back, it just happened to be VERY windy. But luckily, my hair had held up! With one single drawback though… My hair hardened… As in, unbrushable hard.

I’m not sure whether or not the product hardens or if it were because of the wind (which would usually cause any product to harden.) But it did harden quite a bit. It almost felt as if I used some hairspray in my hair. If you cats had people notice the hold in your hair, and think you used hairspray, you’ll realize it’s not exactly a good look.

I mean, you want to take pride in your styling skills, right? Hairspray in your pomp is the easy way out, as is a product that hardens. And this stuff definitely does harden. Of course, it depends on how much cream you put into your hair, but if you’re goin’ for the pomp, you’ll be usin’ a decent amount. Resulting in a hardened pomp.

Putting all that aside… this stuff works pretty well. Styling with it, is super easy, aside for the paste marks. But overall, it’s a pretty good product and the ladies love the scent too!

I’m not sure how many folks out there use creams instead of pomade to style their hair. But if you’re in the market for that sort of transition, definitely take a look into this one. It’s got a good hold, great smell, plus it washes out with just water. Something a lot of folks nowadays look for!

Well, that’s all for now. So far, Johnny B. is up by 2 for 3! But we’ve still got two other products to check out, so stay tuned!

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard.

3 responses to “Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Street Cream)

  1. Maybe mixing this with the original would be good. Add shine and soften it up a little bit.

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