Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Original)

Well folks, it’s that time again!

This round of pomade reviews, we’ve got a few samples from Johnny B. As I’ve mentioned before, I found this stuff while looking at products at a not so local beauty supply shop. Unfortunately, no one has bought the product, so they had no feedback from it, whatsoever. Nor did their sister shop, a couple of cities down. So, I took it upon myself to contact Johnny B. directly and get a sample. I know I’m not the only cat who has spotted this stuff at a shop, so why not? Afterall, I’m here to find out which products are the best products, old (especially old stuff!) and the new.

I prefer to try my stuff out in order, lightweight to heavyweight. So, we’ll start off with the original hold.

Of course, I received a sample package, so all the logos are exactly the same. A guy with what looks to be a pompadour with a Little Richard stach’. As well as Johnny B. in bold letters, across the front.

The original hold happens to be their “greasiest” product. While all of their products say “Adds Shine. Never Sticky. Holds Any Style,” this product happened to be very shiny. So if they all “add shine” they all must be greasy? Not quite… They all have different textures and consistencies. But of course, this is the lightweight product, so it will be the greasiest, and the rest won’t be.

Off the bat, this stuff has a pretty strong scent, just like the shampoo paste. Instead of that badass mint scent, this stuff has a fresh scent, somewhat like a deodorant. You know how fresh deodorant smells, so use your imagination.

Texturally, it’s hard before you touch it. But as soon as you mix it around your palms, it breaks up into a very thin gel. So it’s very easy to spread around your palms. Like Schmiere (Weich) or Deluxe, but not “as hard,” (that’s what she said.) But, hard before you touch it. You wish that’s what she said…

Now… This brand takes pride in being “Never Sticky.” And if you’ve messed around with the petrolatum pomades, you’ll see how sticky they are. Sometimes, it’s not such a good thing. When you comb a certain part of your hair, a few stray hairs will stick to the parts you would’ve wished didn’t move. Then you gotta do it all over again, and all that jazz. Well, maybe Johnny B. original hold pomade is the answer to that?

Not quite…

Maybe it’s me having thick and wavy hair, but I don’t think so… Unfortunately, the original hold was really lacking the sticky-icky-icky that’s needed to style hair. Especially a pompadour, where you want the hairs to stick together and form the pomp. I was able to pull of a slicked side part, but this isn’t what we’re about, is it fellas? We want the pomp! And the pomp, wasn’t able to be fulfilled with this stuff… But it does add a nice sheen!

Though I was able to do a side part, this product added a little too much volume, making the combed hair sit up, rather than slicked down. Not something you want, when slicking your hair down.

Don’t rule this product out, just yet. For you cats who like the messy look, where you just run your fingers back through your hair, this stuff will work just right. When you go for such hairstyles, you want that sort of volume in your hair, or else that sloppy hairstyle won’t look so nice. Plus, when you’re going for that style, you don’t want to add product to your hair everyday. This stuff doesn’t wash out with just water. So for you messy haired fucks who don’t shower often by like to have your hair styled, this is the stuff for you! But for us cats who rock the pomp, it’s not for us.

Overall, I’m not unimpressed so far with Johnny B. products, as I love the shampoo paste. But this original hold, that has the most sheen of the products, which I had high hopes for (shit, I just love sheen!,) just isn’t for me.

Well, there you have it folks. One down, three to go. So stay tuned!


9 responses to “Pomade Review: Johnny B. (Original)

  1. I’m pretty sure that this is the stuff that an old guy barber slicked me back with. It worked really well to re-manage some Dax Wave and Groom. I’m lookin forward to your review of the heavier product. When I contacted the company, they said that it washes out with one shampoo even though it is oil based. What did you experience? What was the washability?

    BTW, I ordered some stuff from Sioux Guitar this week and gave it a go, solid medium hold but I like the stuff and it’s the only ‘new’ pomade I’ve found that is actually decently priced!

    • Mike,

      The stuff is good for slicking. But with my thicker hair, it added a little, too much volume, which would’ve made a slicked down/back look, look kind of weird. This one didn’t wash out easily. Maybe if I had tried to wash it out with their shampoo paste, probably. But with a normal shampoo, it didn’t come off with one go. But, I’ve tried one of their other products (review up next week) and it washed out with just water.

      Sioux has contacted me quite a bit. Well, pretty much been like a door-to-door salesman, selling me on their products! Haha, which is admirable and very Americana, so I dug it. But, I’m not on the market for any new pomades right now. Unless they want to ship me something to review, *wink wink.*

      – Jan

      • Perhaps one of you can give me some insight on this then. Sioux has like 30 different pomades all with a different scent. Are they the same except the fragrance, or do they all have different “mechanical properties” (thickness, hold, whatever) as well?

      • Nevermind. Answered my own question. Amazing what happens when you actually do a little reading. They’re all the same except the scent.

  2. Hey Jan. It looks pretty good. If you could style something like a pomp with that, or such, it has great shine, like slicking back the sides, and making the ‘ cool mess ‘ in front, or something like that. Wow. I liked it

  3. As always, nice to read a new review.
    One of the three things that saved an otherwise utterly miserable day at work.
    (the other two beeing “free friday candy” and coffee…)

    A question if I may…
    I’ve been using the blue magic pressing oil for a while now and dig it, but I’ve been thinking about trying the german pomade Schmiere. Is the “Schmiere Weich” close to BM in thickness and greasiness? or should I go for the one with more hold?


    • Hey Seb,

      Wow, thanks for the kind words! Glad my blog can give some folks a pick-me-up!

      The Schmiere (Weich) is considerably lighter than Blue Magic Pressing Oil. It’s also not “sticky” like Blue Magic, either. I’ve been using Blue Magic for some time now, but haven’t made a review on it yet. Soon though! It’s definitely one of my favorite lighter pomades, as it has a decent amount of hold, compared to say Royal Crown (hair dressing) or Murray’s Super Light. It’s a pretty good standalone product, which is tough to say, when looking at other lighter weight pomades out there.

      But, Schmiere (weich) is really nice. It’s a bit better for the 1920s-30s wet look, as opposed to the modern, “sculpted” hairstyles, such as the pompadour. But, it would work out for someone with thin, stick straight hair. Rather than someone with thick, wavy hair, such as myself.

      I’ll have a review on the Blue Magic Pressing Oil soon, hopefully within the next month or two. It’s one of my favorites and it definitely needs to be reviewed, so it can have a clear comparison with some other products. So stay tuned!

      – Jan

  4. Yeah, BM is awesome. I’ve been using it for a while now. The shine is great and as you said it has a decent hold for my modest pomp. And I love that it’s pretty easy to wash out.
    I just wish it would smell better 🙂

    I’ll stay tuned for that review.


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