Don’t Mess With My Ducktail.

While I’ve had this post planned for some time now, VLV pretty much solidified the fact that this post needed to be made. I mean, you expect everyone to be lookin’ their bests, so why not pay attention to detail, especially when it comes to your hair? Too many dudes there lacked the ducktail.

When people think of rockin’ a pomp, they think of how high or big they want it, or whether or not they want to wear it with a part or not. While that’s fine and all, and I can appreciate a sharp part, which is a very much-needed detail btw, it’s not what I’m going to address today. Today, we’re gonna be focusing on forgotten legend… The Duck Ass.


Just kidding, I’m not gonna give a history lesson on this. If you dig pompadours or any hairstyle from the 40s-60s like I do, you should know this by now. But when thing you cats don’t realize, is that you don’t need a pompadour to rock a ducktail. I’ve seen it rocked on several hairstyles. I’m gonna be switching between the different nicknames in this post, so it gets seared in your heads!

While a lot of folks nowadays associate the D.A. to the ever so popular pompadour, it wasn’t exclusive to that hairstyle at all. In the day, it was a way to finish styling a slicked hairstyle. Whether it was a pomp, a contour, a part, a waterfall, whatever… It was the finishing touches to the hairstyle. Why have everything all pretty in the front and sides, but leave the back all sloppy?

Elvis, had perfect hair. So it’s a little unfair to use him as an example. But, he always paid attention to detail when styling his hair. And of course, rocked the ducktail all proper like.

Hell, there’s a few Mad Men episodes, where they show the duck ass. While of course, the hairstyling in that show was refined and professional, there were still a few moments in the series where the ducktail would make its iconic appearance. And hey, that’s why I love Mad Men. The writers and stylists really paid attention to detail, when it came to the era. The hairstyling is real proper in this show. The back of the hairstyles weren’t lacking, like they are today.

I’ve even seen an old cat, rock it with his remaining hair slicked back! He had it dead centered. No stray hairs, not bunched up at the center, slightly swept down and not just straight across. You know he was rockin’ a D.A. back then. Keep up fellas!

Styling & The Cut:

Now, styling this thing, is pretty damn simple, or you’d like to think it were that simple. Just comb everything back till it meets in the center. While it seems simple and all, it’s something too many cats either forget or neglect. The majority don’t rock it or rock it sloppy and not centered. It’s these sort of details, that make a good pompadour bad. It’s really lacking the details. It’s like finishing that Packard with white wall tires. Yeah, you know how much prettier than beast looks with the white walls, so why not give such attention to detail to yourself?

Your hair could be as short as one inch, to as long as you want 5 inches, and you can still rock a good-looking ducktail. Hell, I even appreciate it when the do is tapered, and one can rock a slight D.A. towards the crown of the head. As shown below:


Photo courtesy of: Shorem Haarsnijder En Barbier

When my barber cuts my duck ass (doesn’t that sound funny,) he’ll cut the center area a little shorter than the outer parts, so that when it sweeps in towards the center, it doesn’t bunch up all weird like. I know this, because there’s been a time where he forgot to trim down the center, and it bunched up! Your barber should know how to cut your hair for a D.A. If they don’t, it’s off to the next one!

As you slick the sides back, you don’t gotta just aim straight across for the center. If you want it to be lookin’ slick, you can sweep it down towards the nape of your neck. Just as long as everything is centered and even, it’s all that really matters, as far as styling goes. But if it’s offcentered and the left side goes straight across and the right side goes downwards, you might wanna take another look in the mirror.

The Tools:

Now that we’ve covered the fact that the duck ass is a very much-needed detail to your new-found hairstyle, what are you gonna use to style it up?

1) Grease

Well, you don’t necessarily need grease to style it up… But we do love our pomades, so why the fuck wouldn’t you use it???

I like the feel of a lighter grease on the sides, as it’s a lot easier to slick the sides during the day. But a thicker grease is also good to use for the sides, as it’ll keep the D.A. in place, making it so you don’t have to slick it during the day. But I won’t lie, I dig slicking my hair in public. Of course, only when I have to. I don’t just stop while crossing the street, to slick my hair for the cars waiting to go. This ain’t a fuckin’ show!

2) Mirror-Mirror-On-The-Wall
3) Handheld Mirror

While you think you know where the center of your head is, you more than likely have no clue as to where it is. So you’ll need these important tools, a mirror and a second mirror. This is probably why a lot of cats rock it at a weird angle, because they don’t use a second mirror to see whether or not the duck ass is centered or not. But trust me, you’ll need to double-check!

If y’all think I have to list a comb, I’m gonna smack you upside the head. You should know better by now! Of course you use a damn comb!

We’ll there you have it folks. The importance of the duck ass. The D.A. The ducktail. The finishing touches, to a badass hairstyle. If you think your hair is good as it is, without a D.A. you are surely mistaken my friend! I mean, there’s a damn song about the ducktail!

Joe Clay – Ducktail.

Hopefully by now, you all will understand the importance of the details in a hairstyle, especially when rockin’ the pompadour. Whether it’s the sharp ass part, the greasy sheen, or the slicked ducktail, it’s the details that really make your hair different from the rest. And with the pompadour becoming ever so popular, you’ll need these details to keep you lookin’ slick, while the rest look like… Well, you get the picture.

I’ll elaborate more on this topic later down the road! But until next time…
Pomp Hard.


17 responses to “Don’t Mess With My Ducktail.

  1. Oh thank God. Finally somebody said something about this. I might have seen maybe five ducktails at Vegas, counting my own.

    • Johnny,

      I know, right I was surprised to see a lack of duck asses at Viva. I mean, people were showing off the $$$ threads, why not make the hair look super slick, with a D.A.?

      – Jan

      • I know what you mean, Daddy-O. I was actually at Disneyland, watchin this Elvis tribute. There was this guy who had his hair like gelled half back and a Lucky 13 shirt. Made me really sad.

  2. Caterpillarnut

    Damn right. I picked up a second mirror the first day I got a pomp and it is one of the best damn tools you can EVER invest in. Without it I cannot see the top of my head. No normal human can. I can see if everything flows as it should, if I have any breaks or gaps in my hair (especially where it passes over the whorl), where the high and low spots are (it may LOOK smooth from one angle, but look the opposite way and it’s a huge-ass bump or worse), and I can also see how smooth the rear comes together. I’ve noticed that if I’m not careful, the hairs on top of my head won’t follow the curve of my skull on down the back. They’ll just keep goin’ straight back into space, and that’s not cool. With the mirror I can check my profile and see if any of them are causing trouble. At the same time I can also check the profile of my pomp and make sure it looks right at all angles. Yeah, I like having a second mirror.

    • Glad other people can dig what I’m saying. I’ve seen A LOT of fucked up ducktails and a lot of forgotten spots on a lot of dudes heads. It makes me wonder if they even tried to do their hair, when getting out of the house.

      – Jan

  3. Andrew Dailo

    just out of curiosity, how often do you apply your base coat for the week long build up. For instance do you apply murrays superior or high life sun-tues followed with wed-sat with a lighter medium such as SGB or a water soluble pomade or do you apply a single heavy base coat once a week and use lighter pomades for the rest of the week? Also what are you thoughts on mixing wax such as highlife with a petrolatum based pomade such as SGB; would that add too much weight to my hair and make it flop? The look im trying to achieve is a pompadour with a nice sharp part, being pinoy myself my hair is texturally the same as yours, dark thick and wavy so im looking for a strong hold without adding too much weight to my hair

    • Hey Andrew,

      I usually stick to a heavier pomade in the beginning of the week, say Sunday and Monday. Then I’ll “lightly” build it up with something a little thicker Tuesday – Thursday. Come Friday night, everything will be lookin’ just right. And there should be just enough pomade in your hair by Saturday, that all I’ll need to do is hop in the shower, rinse off my hair (of course, do your usual shower routines,) and style my hair as it’s wet, and it’ll just sit perfectly, without having to add anymore product on Saturday – Sunday.

      I found that if I use a wax basecoat, then topped it off with a petrolatum product, it styles pretty well. But I just don’t like wet combing wax, because it will flake. But, I’ve found that it made combing out the products a whole lot easier, as the wax doesn’t exactly coat the hair, but rather covers it. If that makes any sense…

      Styling is a major factor, when it comes to the thick wavy haired folks. A lot of people would like to think that the heaviest stuff is best for wavy hair, but it’s not always true.

      – Jan

  4. Wow thanks so much for bringing this up. I take great pride in my DA and totally agree that there are far too few of them with all the pomps I see. My barber is a pro at this style and I told him when he cuts a pomp he should automatically do a DA. To me it is the same sin as wearing a pomp without grease!!!!!! Thanks so much for bring this up and let’s spread the word.

    • Kley,

      Exactly man. While (as I mentioned in the post,) that the D.A. isn’t exclusive to the pompadour hairstyle, it still is apart of it. There’s no reason to leave it out! I don’t think that just combing the hair back and down makes the hairstyle look good. Especially since it usually “cliff hangs,” because of the product straightening the hairs out.

      – Jan

  5. I’m actually shocked that so little people rock the DA. Even I’ve been rockin it since day one, and I’m the only cat in my town. So no good examples for me to look at except for your blog. And to add to that, I don’t even have a barber nearby that’s specialised in haircuts like this. So why most don’t have a DA – in the states for fuck sake – beats me!

    • El,

      It’s just the lack of attention to detail. People usually only see the front, when barbershops post pictures of their do’s, but the back is where it’s at. But I wonder, why do people forget about the ducktail, but they know exactly how the mullet should be done???

      – Jan

  6. You know over the last week I’ve actually ask a few guys why they don’t wear the beloved DA. Interesting responses. All like them and some style their hair with it in the AM as they have a hand mirror to assist. The problems seems to be when they restyle during the day as of course they do not carry a hand mirror around. I told them I use a heavier pomade on sides and back and don’t have to mess with it after getting it perfect in the AM. I do carry a small mirrow in my work bag through!!!!!

    • Yeah, I understand the whole part about it destyling, after heading out. But when you’re at a place like Viva, and you see these cats in the AM without the D.A. it show’s that there are too many cats out there who are unappreciative of the ducktail.

  7. Hey Jan, how about a peice on that forgoten hairstyle called………the detroit, or more well known as the flat top with fenders! Its a cool as phuc hairstyle that I don’t see often enough and takes a dude with a big set of cojones to rock that shit! Just a thought….

  8. Finaly!!! A web page that gives the propper attention the D.A. deserves. It is kinda hard for me to find a good barber. Because I’m a girl, no one realy knows how to do handle the cut. But now, this rocks! -Ann

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