Recap: Viva Las Vegas 14.

Whoooo… That was a long weekend… And it sure as hell was a good one!

As vacations are, there will be good, the bad, and the ugly sides of it. It’s just the way things are! And let me tell ya, this weekend was full of all of that and more!


(WARNING: This post is picture heavy. To top that off, I was too lazy to resize the damn pics. But hey, ya gotta see everything, right?)

This was my first ever Viva Las Vegas. I tried to make it out to last years event, but poor planning and bad timing brought that dream to an end. Especially since I missed Chuck Berry! But hey, better later than never, right?

I’ve heard tons of stories about past VLV events. Of course, they all have good and bad sides to em. But that didn’t stop me from heading out there and seeing it all first hand, for myself! Planned it all out, hustled for some cash, and away we were to our 7am flight!

Early morning liquid courage.

Without coffee, the whole trip would’ve been in bed… And not even the fun type of stuff, that you do in bed…

The lady is quite the tourist and a sucker for colors and lights. So of course, she took a picture inside the plane!

Virgin America

It looks better when people aren’t in the plane.

As soon as we touched down, off to the Gold Coast we go! One thing I totally didn’t put into account, was check in time… Got to the hotel at 9, check in was at 12. Son of a bitch. What the fuck are we gonna do with all of our luggage and 3 hours? Sit for an hour at TGIF of course!

I forgot what this was called...

Aside from you’re going in my mouth, NOW. Definitely hit the spot, since all I had was some coffee and a cinnamon roll. Would’ve been a whole lot better, had the ham been warm and not cold cut cold. Oh well, you were gone in 2 minutes anyways.

After sitting around for too long of a time, off to gamble. Hey, it’s my first time going to Vegas as an adult, I went years before as a teen. While I had an opportunity to win a couple hundred bucks back then, I was committed to make some cash on this trip. $100 up within the first couple hours in Vegas, I was spent and ready to spend all of that on booze!

Off to The Orleans we went and down the hatch the beers go.

Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Down the hatch you two go. Double fisted these guys all day long.

After getting our wrist bands and drinks, it was time to wander around the casino.

Of course, Crawfish & Alligator Bar were jam packed with rockabilly folks. I won’t say it was a site to see, because everyone wore virtually the same shit (black club shirts,) it was good to know that we were finally at Viva Las Vegas. Walking through the crowd, a couple dudes thought they were gonna be cute for their boys. Nice try I guess!

Clearly, this is a rockabilly event. There are gonna be tons of dudes who are gonna try to show who’s more “greaser” than the other “greaser.” And let me tell ya, IT WAS AWKWARD. I mean, I get it. They all want to portray the greasiest of greasers for the ladies, but man… Some guys over did it. But hey, it’s Vegas! Everything’s over did!

Now, I’m quite a neutral guy. I can get along with pretty much anyone (aside from bros. It’s like the mongoose and the cobra type of thing) and I like to see everything from all angles. As soon as I took it all in, it was pretty easy to see where VLV elitist get their stance on the event. I mean, I get it, it’s gone from fun and easy going rockabilly folks, to overzealous folks trying to one up another, while looking exactly the same. And of course, the ladies will get catty about who did their hair in this color first or that dress before they did and so on… I get it, but hey, it doesn’t mean the ladies weren’t  hot! But if you truly enjoy rockabilly, or anything for that matter, that’s become a scene, it’s not hard to zone all that shit out and just have yourself a ball!

After a few more double fisted PBR, it was time to check out the strip. It’s not my thing, but it was my lady’s first time in Vegas, so why the hell not… And, for her to learn the hard way… We went during the day… yeaaaaaaaaaaaah…


Looks like a missile coming down from the sky!

New York New York

New York.

No idea who you are...

But welcome to the blog!

After all the liquid in my brain was dried up from the beer and the hot sun, it was time for a much needed nap! Then back out to the strip to see some hookers, a couple of Batmen, and the lights.

The Eiffel Tower...

Or at least the next best thing.

Off to see the water show and put on a show myself. As people were getting drenched by the fountain, I was down tying my boots. But as it made its second round, I got up and did a little show. Hey, the older ladies got a kick out of it! It would’ve been one hell of a video! DAMMIT!


Oh fuck yeah. Nothing beats boobies and butts, while you’re in Vegas! But to be one of those guys who are just huddled around the stage? Fuckin’ creepers…

After the nice boobs and butts, it was time to go back to The Orleans and catch a few bands. Sadly, I didn’t get to catch all that many bands on this trip. Stomach aches and bad company made short of any fun we were having.

The Hi-Q's

Luckily, I was able to catch The Hi-Q’s, with front man Rivet Head putting on a great show.

Los Straightjackets

Los Straightjackets doin’ what they do best… Putting on one hell of a show that sounded amazing.

Having needing to check out of the Gold Coast the next day, to check into The Orleans right after, it was time to head back. But so far, so good!

Quick peep inside the showroom...

All the previous videos and photos of the vendors, made it seem as if it were in a huge space. While it could’ve been, had they not been separated into two rooms, it wasn’t as big as I would’ve thought. But that doesn’t mean the selection wasn’t amazing!

Checked in at The Orleans...

With a colorful ass tiki cup and hot dog to boot. That hot dog isn’t mine btw, I don’t fuck with mustard! Yeah I said it, fuck mustard on hot dogs, you wanna fight about it? Sadly, I’m sure there are hot dog lovers who would fight over which condiments are best for hot dogs…

Pool party!

I’m not one who likes to fuck around with the Vegas sun. So I just wanted to quickly run through this shit, because I could really give a fuck about a pool party. Yes, there were lovely ladies lookin’ even lovelier in their swim attire… But that doesn’t mean shit to me in that heat!

So, here’s a video of me leaving!

But that didn’t stop the lady from drinking her drank!


Back up to the showroom, to thoroughly look through everything. Man… I want to know how much $$$ everyone comes with. I’ve seen TONS of folks, guys and gals, walking around in outfits made entirely of clothing they’ve bought from the showroom! If I’m doing my math correctly, then I’m guessing they’re not eating this whole damn trip! Lots of badass shirts and coats that would’ve fit me nicely… But alas, I brought only enough money for alcohol and food. And hookers…

Now for the pomade… I know what you’re thinking, YOU WERE IN HEAVEN, HUH!

Well folks, not really… As the one vendor with the most pomade, well… to make it sound nicer, wasn’t very receptive when I told him that I had emailed him prior to the event, inquiring about his little known pomade brand, that was overlooked by the more popular classic pomades he carried. That’s fine by me, I’m not holding a grudge or anything. But I don’t think you’ll be seeing a review from me…

Stopped by the High Life booth and talked a bit with those cats.

Talked a bit with Adam about this pomade, told him how I felt about it. And being a cool guy as he is, he took my critique without getting upset about it. Definitely a cool guy, but High Life just doesn’t work for me, as well as it does other cats.

Adam from High Life

I kind of interrupted a convo he and this other cat were having. But hey, ya can’t pass up a photo op. especially from a blogger! I don’t think he knows I’m a blogger though.

On that note, if only I had been able to get some stickers printed. Views would’ve been through the roof! Then back down to 12 as soon as they were done with it…

More alcohol and walking, it was time to head back to rest for a bit.

Obligatory pompadour picture...

This one was for your Margot!

Back out to catch The Sparkletones!

The Sparkletones

It was awesome to see old ladies up at the front of the stage swooning over these guys! They still got it!!!

After the show, it was time to hunt down the elusive skull! For whatever reason, only a couple of bars had this. But after they ran out of the colorful tiki cups, then they started to put the skulls out. WHAT WAS THE FUCKIN POINT OF THE HUNT THEN???


Still badass though!

Saturday, was car show day. This is where you see most footage from Viva Las Vegas, as this is where people want to show off their Sundays best… Well, aside from Sunday night, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves right now!


Being such a tourist, the lady wanted a picture of herself drinking her drank. Some girl came up behind me and asked if we wanted her to take out picture. Sure, I guess……..

But when she said “ok, now look like you like eachother!” Side step I went.

Back into the casino we went, while we waited for some friends. So I got my old man on and gambled! Wheel Of Fortune of course!

Gamblin' man...

This kind of game got me $100 on the first day… How much were you gonna give me on the second day?


Then the reality set in, when we realized it was the quarter game… Hell, made $120 bucks off of $20! WHERE THE BAR AT!

As soon as our friends came, off to the car show we go!

The Ladies and the creeper...

Steady creepin’!

My friend loves Masuimi Max. So when she spotted her handing out flyers, she just HAD to get a picture with her.

Emily & Masuimi

Emily & Masuimi

I love Masuimi too… But more on the happy tissues way.

We couldn’t be bothered with lining up in the heat for Elvira. But man… I love Elvira! Ever since I was a young lad, who hadn’t known how to use happy tissues…

Time to check out the rides! I’m a sucker for Chevy trucks, so sorry for the lack of hot rods and Mercs!



Then an alien beam came down from the sky...

Straight towards my crotch…


Can't beat that with an ugly broad...

A Fire Outside. GET IT!!!


If only...


Keepin' it matte...


Can't get much better than that...

Especially with that interior? Pffft...



At this point, I was getting pretty fuckin’ drunk, and I probably believed that this was his real hair. So, I had to get a picture with him…

An artist at work...

I’m  not a huge fan on pin stripes. But I sure as hell can appreciate the work and technique.

All about the details folks...

If only I brought a chair out...

Just kidding BTW…

At this point...

I think it’s safe to say I was drunk. I can’t tell if that’s me hanging out there, or my jeans bunched up. We’ll go with the latter for now…

I’m sick of the typical pin up girls poses and what not. So I thought I’d dip my feet in it a bit, and try a pose out for myself…

And I'll call this...

A pose Bettie Page didn’t do. *shots fired.*

After a filthy chimichanga, I was spent for the night. Missed out on a lot of great bands. But it’s ok, a shit ton of people took videos of em, so I can just catch up later!

Dual peep holes?

The one room in the whole hotel, with a dual peep hole…

After our last moments at Viva Las Vegas, it was time to hop on a plane and head back home. But don’t worry, that adventure didn’t stop there!

You know that socially awkward couple on the plane, who disregard EVERYONE ELSE on the plane, with their obnoxious beings? Well, they happened to be right across from us!

Socially Awkward couple.

She went to her bag up top, which dropped a coin on the old mans lap, which BTW, she didn’t ask him to hand it to her… she grabbed it off of his lap… Oh… if you were attractive in any which way, fine… But you weren’t and you were annoying as fuck. Then, she proceeded to drop her sweater off the top onto the mans face. There wasn’t a “sorry” said. To top it all off, she happened to awkwardly spill a cup of water on her and panicked… What… So she stood up, put aside her giant “safety” teddy bear, and had her boyfriend wipe her ass with napkins for about 8 minutes, then went off into the bathroom to wipe more water off, for another 15 minutes… She’s most likely the Wicked Witch Of The West, BECAUSE IT WAS JUST. FUCKIN. WATER.

Good gracious…

Our seat neighbor on the other hand...

Was knocked the fuck out, against the window…

Through SFO I go.

Home we are and home I’ll stay for a while!

While I didn’t get to come home with my winnings, I still came out with gold!

Musical Crack!

Got mostly all the stuff I was looking for! But of course, he had a whole lot more that I wouldn’t mind having! Next year for sure!

Phew… That was one hell of a long trip!

For the most part, I had a blast. It was awesome meeting a bunch of folks, who I wouldn’t have met, had I not started this blog. Big ups to Jose, Stephanie, Nick, and Wink! It was a pleasure meeting you all, even though we hadn’t been able to actually kick back a few! I’m sure there will be a next time!

Now for some highlights of the trip!

The Good:
– Meeting said folks, for the first time.
– Seeing all of the old folks dancing and having a ball. They were living this shit when rock ‘n’ roll was invented and are living it today as we’re still getting into all of it!
– Seeing an older man lead his blind wife onto the dancefloor, and dancing the night away. It was probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.

The Bad:
– Getting a stomach ache. It really killed the time I had to be out and about. Fuck that delicious chimichanga! You were good while you happened! But not a moment after!
– Losing money! I could’ve came home with $300 of winnings. Not much at all, but for a first time gambler, why the fuck not!!!

The Ugly:
– Bad company.

Now, here’s the thing… I went on this trip, with my buddy and my lady. Hey, that’s fine. But guess what, he had to be babysat the whole trip. And that’s a real downer, especially when you’re having a good time being at the event. I’m not one to be into the whole “get belligerent drunk at Vegas, because it’s Vegas.” I’m into getting drunk because I feel like getting drunk. If I don’t, I won’t! Simple as that. This guy, wanted to be drunk the entire time. That’s fine by me, go get a beer. But guess what, he wouldn’t get one if I didn’t get one. Yeah… You all know what I’m talking about! What I call, piggybacking. And guess what, he did that the entire trip. I’ve told multiple people that this was gonna happen and being right as I usually am, it happened.

Want to know how bad that got? As I was looking through CDs, he had the nerve to say to me “you’re ruining my fun.” Want to know what I said to him? “I don’t give a fuck,” and continued to look through more CDs.

It really ruined the moments I was meeting people, because they were gonna bitch about it the moments after. So sorry to Stephanie and Wink, I wanted to hang out longer, but I had to babysit. Next year, I’ll make it up to y’all!

It’s tough to go on a trip, knowing you’re gonna be in bad company, especially when it’s a friend of a few years. It’s the first time we’ve actually traveled together, and as my lady told me, it’s gonna make or break a relationship you have with someone, when you travel with them. And guess what, it did.

So fuck that shit! I’m going to rockabilly events alone, from now on!

Well, there you have it folks, my little recap of the trip! While I didn’t get to enjoy this trip to the fullest, I still had a good time. I don’t let fuckers ruin the fun I already had.

This is just my little recap of my trip. But stay tuned for a little insight of the event itself and the scene it comes with!

Hope you all enjoyed the short post! Stay tuned, I’m gonna be making a little video edit!

Until next time…

Pomp Hard.

12 responses to “Recap: Viva Las Vegas 14.

  1. So you don’t want to be seen with your girl or something? Because you’re always hiding behind a cup. P.S. I almost started an AFI tribute band once so I get it.

    • That’s just the timing.

      I don’t like to pose for pictures and hate pictures of couples with false emotions that don’t portray the character of the individuals. I’m not a corn ball that stands around with a forced mean mug or tongue and cheek smile for a picture, because it’s not who I am.

  2. Seems like you had some fun and thanks for posting up pics from the car show.

  3. Heck, I’m just glad I got the chance to meet you Live, In Person at all. I coulda bumped into you at the car show, or the pool party (I was one of the gals in bunny ears) but it wasn’t meant to be. Next year, we’ll do it up right! Kick back, have a reasonable amount of drink, talk tunes and pomade.

    Hey, did you get any of Rea’s new water-based mix? I’m a fan!

    • Most definitely need to do it proper next time around. Definitely wanted to drink with you when you spotted me, but my buddy was being the Grinch about me even talkin’ to ya! He could’ve just went to his room if he wanted to… But, a piggybacker will do as a piggybacker does.

      I’m surprised you were able to spot me. I’m usually one to spot someone first, but ya caught me!

      No idea what you’re talking about your icon… I could’ve sworn you were a purple pixel image???

    • Also, I think Rea forgot all about me :///

  4. Seconday comment: WTF? I’m a WordPress blogger, why doesn’t my icon show up properly? Huh? Huh?

  5. It was a pleasure meeting you at Viva, thanks for the pomade tips and reviews, always look forward to seeing what else you will review that will my my hair look and hold even better.

    • Hey Jose,

      It was great meeting you man! I’m surprised you were able to notice me out of all those folks in that room. It was packed as hell. Next time around we’ll kick back a couple of beers!

      – Jan

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