A lot of folks are gonna be at Viva Las Vegas this year. More so, than the last. This is just one rockabilly event that will keep on getting more and more people going, every year.

Now, this ladies and gents. may be a shock to you, but this will be my first Viva. TIME TO POP THAT CHERRY! Just kidding. But no, really, my first. Hey, everybody has to have a first at some point, right? It’s not only my first, but a whole lot of other peoples firsts, as well.

A lot of folks who read this blog, will also be in attendance. If you folks like this blog so much, why not meet me??? I’m pretty cool, at least that’s what I had to tell myself to get through high school… (kidding btw.)

But really, I’m interested in meeting folks who enjoy my blog. Shit, even if you hate my blog, at least you can tell me in person!

So, for you folks who will read this, who will be at Viva Las Vegas this year, hit me up! I’m down to meet whoever, kick back with a beer or too many, and just have a ball.

Now, I’m not the most difficult person to spot, but I’m not gonna make it easy! If I spot you first, you’ll only catch a glimpse of me, and it’ll be like some sasquatch sighting thing. (This is meant to be used metaphorically, not literally! Though I am getting dark as hell, tall, not that hairy but hairy enough I guess…)

Shoot me an email and we’ll figure it out from there!


6 responses to “SHABOOYA ROLL CALL

  1. See you there!

  2. You’re gonna love it, man. Can get overwhelming if it’s your first time, though. The first time always hurts, lol!

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