Taking A Step Back From Pomade…

Well, at least from the pomades were all used to…

Now, for me personally, my loyalty lies with the classic pomades. They’ve been around for quite some time, have history behind ’em, and just get the job done. And a damn good job, at that!

Now… I do enjoy the modern rockabilly pomades out there. They’ve upped the ante when it comes to styling. And with pomps getting bigger and higher as the years go by, it only makes sense.

For me, I can’t rock big, crazy pomps, not do I have the desire to do so. There’s only so many classic pomades out there. With many of them being out of production, what’s left? So, we’re off to see if any of some other modern brands could achieve the same styling as the classic pomades do.

I found a brand while my lady browsed a semi-local beauty shop. I asked the sales lady if she has had any feedback from the stuff. Unfortunately, their shop hasn’t sold a single case of it, nor did it’s sister store a few minutes away.

So, I rode my keyboard horse down across America and contacted them. Not a lot of pomade brands out there are good at replying. Luckily for me, they were ontop of their game and replied just moments later. A couple of emails later and we were in business!

While out playing chalk with the child, the delivery man made a u-turn on his UPS horse, and delivered the package.

Hmmm… What could it be? I see a pompadour, so maybe it’s a pomade popular within the scene?

Cutting that mother fucker open. Don’t mind the hair, it’s a lazy kind of day…

A few knife strokes later…

Some Johnny B. pomades and a shampoo paste!

I haven’t heard anything about this brand. With the local shops not having any feedback either, how is anyone supposed to know how this stuff is?

I know, I know… It’s not a typical rockabilly pomade all you folks are used to seeing. But that’s the point. My blog is to help folks find and discover new pomades that will help them achieve the look they’re looking for.Whether we’re looking at the classic grease, the newer rockabilly pomades, or the other stuff that most people would usually walk past.

Unfortunately, I won’t have any time to review the pomades, due to VLV being right around the corner. But, I will have a review up for the shampoo paste. So we’ll see how good that stuff is. If it can wash out some of the classic pomades, then we’ve got something great on our hands!

Big ups to Socrates and the Johnny B. crew. Check out their website. It’s got a pretty bad ass layout. The only thing that would top off the site, would be a classic styled pompadour or contour, rather than the mohawk. But hey, that’s just me!

So if you’re impatient and want to buy this stuff so you can try it yourself, follow the link and place an order in. Tell ’em I sent ya!


7 responses to “Taking A Step Back From Pomade…

  1. I preach over at a retirement community, a couple of weeks ago their barber. Talk about OLD school gave me a cut, then slicked me back with some Johnny B. I’ve been meaning to look it up because as far as water based stuff goes this was really decent. I’ve got finer hair and I had some Dax still in there so who knows how good it is on it’s own but never the less.
    Btw, Yes I am a preacher, Yes, I love rockabilly. Lets just say it together a couple of times so we all feel comfortable. preacher preacher preacher, rockabilly rockabilly rockabilly šŸ™‚

    • Haha. I heard if you say “preacher preacher preacher rockabilly rockabilly rockabilly” Rev. Horton Heat comes out of your closet.

      Ok, that was a little corny. But it beats my Al Sharpton joke I had in mind.

      – Jan

      • I used to really dig the Rev. I thought about it afterwords too. Have you ever heard of the Hot Rod Church for Sinners? Dude, you’re in Cali check it out! HodRodChurch.com

      • Mike,

        I’ve heard about Hot Rod Church, but never looked into it. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the link!

        – Jan

      • they’ve got a great band called The Pioneers that puts out some fantastic rockabilly. I heard of the band from a friend before I knew about the church even.

  2. Hey man,
    Where do you buy your pomades (online)? Do you buy them directly from the manufacturer’s site, or do you have a go to website?

    • I try to buy em directly from the brand. Or I’ll search for an online shop that has it for cheaper, or it comes to be cheaper after shipping. Since I plan to buy some of the stuff again, might as well find a site that sells it for cheaper, right?

      – Jan

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