Remember these???

Being a non-smoker, you’ll always see me with either some gum or a a tin of mints that will quickly be emptied, before the night is over.

Stopped over a semi-local party shop and they had these in stock. Remember these? Don’t deny it. You thought you were cool with some of these! I know I did! That is, until I chewed it with the paper on… Just kidding, I probably didn’t do that… I hope…

Nothing helps you relive your childhood better than some good ol’ candy!



3 responses to “Remember these???

  1. I seriously thought those were illegal.

  2. I thought they pulled those off the shelf?! As a smoker, AND YES ITS A BAD UNHEALTHY HABIT KIDDIES SOOOO DON’T FUCKIN SMOKE CAUSE IT AIN’T COOL, those are cool. I actually just switched to an electronic cigarette. All the nicotine and no real smoke in the lungs or nasty second hand smoke for people to breath. Inhale nicotine, exhale water vapor. Should have seen the commotion I caused “smoking” my smoke free ciggie thing on my flight to europe! Talk about freak out of freak outs!

    • I’ve seen a lot more folks turning to the whole electronic cigarette thing. Now all they need to do, is stock up on the main component and slip em into a Lucky Strike carton, and throw that in their sleeve. I wouldn’t be surprised if that actually happens…

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