Wardrobe Staples For The Fellas: Footwear

No, not talking about any canvas sneakers today. While I do love me a good pair of Converse, Vans, PF FLyers, and Nikes, there’s a point in every mans life where you’ve gotta dig down deep and get some man shoes. I’m not saying Vans aren’t mascuiline… But nothing is more mascuiline than some good leather boots.

Now, I’m not hardcore into boots as some cats are. As much as I wish I could have one pair of boots this guy has and the knowledge of boots like this guy knows, I just can’t afford that at the moment! Someday my friends… Someday…

One thing I’ve learned to love about boots, is that once you find that one pair of boots, those boots will go to hell and back with you. I’ve had boots since I was a kid. Back then, I hated it. Why was I the only kid in boots? But as you get older, you’ll learn to appreciate boots… Plus, I was able to kick the kickball further than anyone, in my steel toes… So why not…

Just like denim, they’ll form and fit your every single needs. Much better than a woman… JUST KIDDING LADIES! But you know you agree to a certain degree!

Now, once you find the right boot, hopefully you get em new. Why? Because with every good boot, the break in period is the hardest period. And that’s what makes it that much more worth it.

You’ll be walking (seemingly) like to hell and back with your brand new boots. It’ll be the worst feeling you’ll have to deal with, next to knicking yourself while shaving your, you know where. The boots will be stiff and hard (giggity.) So you’ll really need to put the miles in these fuckers before you get comfortable! And I literally mean, MILES!

When I first got my motorcycle boots off of eBay, I literally would walk miles on end in em to break em in. All last summer I wore em walking to and fro my lady’s work. In the hot sun, steel toes weren’t exactly choice. But, in order for the boots to become comfortable, you really gotta put-up-or-shut-up.

The boots were cheap as hell, kind of clunky due to the steel toe, but man… After they broke in and “drooped” down a bit, was I feelin’ cool. Let’s just say, I also looked cool. At least my lady thought so… When you break in a boot that’s 11″ or so, they’ll slouch a bit and not look so stiff. And man, that’s one thing what makes boots look cool. You can tell a good has been worn when they no longer stick up like… Well, you get the picture…

Here’s a line up of some of my boots…

From left to right:

The boots on the far left are some random boots I bought off of eBay. They were used, but damn are they comfortable. They look just like Doc Martens, but without the rounded toe. Which is cool for me, because Docs can look clunky as fuck on some folks.

The motorcycle boots next to em were another random eBay score. Cheap, simple, and got the job done. I used these to help my lady’s dad move. And that’s when I can say steel toe boots come in fuckin handy! I didn’t break any toes that day!

Next up, are some Eastland moc-toe boots. Now, these haven’t seen much action. I think they’re too fuckin pretty.  Yes, I said it, pretty. So what, I think these are some good lookin’ boots, wanna fight about it? The sole on these are soft as fuck. Since they don’t have leather or faux leather soles, they didn’t need any break in period to get comfortable. These are definitely one of my favorite boots and easily one of the most comfortable pairs of boots I’ve ever worn. Out of the box and then some.

Lastly, a boot that I’m going to go into slight detail, are my latest editions… My Red Wing Beckmans. Red Wings, are classic boots, that are amazing. You’ll definitely be going through the break in period with these, and trust me… It’s all worth it man.

I’ve been wearing these boots exclusively since Christmas. During the short time, they’ve already gotten so much character. From the leather on the soles aging to a much nicer, darker color, to the creases all over the boot. These are easily my favorite boots.

Being one of the few boots by Red Wing that are still made in America, these are definitely one that folks of all sorts should look into.

One reason why I say a good pair of boots is a staple, is because when you go out with your lady, even if it’s to movie and a dinner, you gotta spruce it up fellas. When you and your lady make an outting, she’s gonna probably wear heels, right? You gotta compliment her, by dressing as presentable as she is. Why not get your grown-man-on and throw on a pair of boots. Much more casual than your special occassion wingtips and can easily be pulled off with jeans or slacks. Trust me, people won’t be lookin’ at you like you’re a slob, while your lady looks all pretty like. It’s something people most definitely notice.

So do yourself a favor and go out and get yourself a solid pair of boots fellas! There’s absolutely no reason why a man shouldn’t have a good solid pair of leather boots to accent his mascuilinity. Your lady will love it, your feet will love it, and you’ll love em as soon as the blisters heal up. After you’ve had em for a while, you’ll learn to really appreciate good pair of boots. And that’s something every man needs…

Some good, fuckin, boots…


2 responses to “Wardrobe Staples For The Fellas: Footwear

  1. So what else do you wear when you’re going out and your girl is all dolled up? If you look at most males of our generation, spending more than 2.3 minutes to comb your hair and get yourself together before you leave the house already puts you ahead of the curve. Society in general would say you’re “dressed up” if you don’t roll out of bed and throw on a graphic tee and a baseball cap. So obviously a fella could wear a business suit or something but I feel that’s too square. I’m kind of grasping for how to up the ante without looking like a salesman.

    • Like I said, these boots (I think) look good with slacks. So for me, I can wear these boots with anything. They look good, feel good, and will be doing exactly that, no matter how beat up they get.

      There are many different kinds of boots that there, so the options are endless. Many that look great with either jeans or slacks. There are also those that usually look good with one or the other.

      But what I’m getting at, is the transition from just throwing on a pair of Vans or Chucks, to taking the time to lace up some boots. While wing-tips, long wings, monk straps, and all those shoes are nice and all, not every single person will own a pair of em. Nor are they as versatile as a good pair of boots are. In my honest opinion, that is.

      You’re right, many guys nowadays really lack the discipline to get out of bed and properly get ready. If I ever leave the house in just sweats, that means I’m not getting out of the car. Period. Even if I’m just getting gas. The last time I went out and only wore a t-shirt, was when you all last saw me peeing on a tree.

      Even so, even if it were just a graphic tee, I still looked presentable, no?

      Regardless of the persons style, it’s always proper to go out and look presentable. Especially if you’re stepping out with a lady. There’s absolutely no fuckin’ reason why anyone can’t throw on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt, t-shirt or button down. And when I see a dude with his girl, and she’s dolled up however way she is, and he’s in sweat pants? Pffft… Fuckin’ ridiculous. In no way does he compliment his lady.

      I’m not a suit guy in any way. I’ve been in graphic tees and sneakers for a good portion of my teen life. And as a kid, I’ve been stuck in steel-toe boots. Now as an adult, I know how to transition back and forth between either or, without looking like a fool.

      I’ve always been a fan of Sinatra. Though I don’t own a suit and haven’t worn one in ever, I still admire the fact that he was always presentable. Never a hair out of place. Never a blemish in his look and aesthetic.

      Damn, that seems kind of long…

      – Jan

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