Pomade Review: Schmiere (Hart)

After a long break from non-washable pomades, it’s time to get back on track!

We’re coming down to the last two Schmiere pomades and let’s just say… So far, so good!

Going from lightweight to heavyweight, this is the 2nd strongest pomade by Schmiere. The lightweight pomade was indeed lightweight, as was the middleweight pomade being indeed middleweight. So let’s see how heavy this pomade really is…

Not too much change with the tin design. The birds hair is slicked back this time around. Maybe it’s hinting that this pomade is better for slick back hairstyles?

“With a dash of Schubbydidu!”

This time around, the pomade is a light orange color.

Can you guess what it smells like? If the color wasn’t obvious… ORANGES! Gotta love the scents they give their pomade! Definitely gonna have you smellin’ good for the ladies!

As the pomade gets stronger, the consistency gets thicker. While the lightweight pomade would pretty much become clear in your palms, when you rub this stuff in your hands you can still see it. It becomes somewhat like a paste.

See what I mean? Almost looks like those Flinstones Push Pops! I wasn’t a fan of those, but I could sure as hell go for one right now!

Now, a heavy pomade, the hold should be really strong. Too bad I had a haircut before I used this pomade. I would’ve liked to see how it would’ve held up with my longer hair.

Between the middleweight pomade and this heavy pomade, there’s not too much of a difference. While it is stronger, it’s only stronger by a tad. Which isn’t a bad thing, as some folks are right in the middle of the two. And trust me folks, I’ve met a lot of people who are in between pomades. So this one will fit in perfectly!

Just as the other pomades by Schmiere are, it’s very malleable. So you folks who want a heavy pomade that doesn’t feel like you’re giving yourself a face lift, here it is! It’s very easy to comb through, yet it provides a strong enough hold to hold your pomps up.

I know this stuff would’ve been awesome when my hair was longer. No worries, hair grows back and mine grows super fast!

The only thing this pomade lacks, is the sheen. Which is understandable. We all know that the lighter pomades offer the most sheen and the heavier pomades don’t have as good of a sheen. Well, after styling with this pomade your hair will be matte. I know a lot of people who love sheen, a lot of people who don’t, and too many people who are getting a little obsessed with Charlie Sheen… GET IT GET IT??? I CAN KEEP UP WITH THE MEDIA OF TODAY TOO!!!

So for you cats who love big pomps, but don’t like having your hair lookin’ greasy (redundant!) this stuff is for you. You can always top it off with a lighter pomade and it will still have a strong hold, with the sheen of the lighter pomade. Y’all know how much I love the sheen, so I had topped it off with some Blue Magic. No pictures, but let’s just say it was lookin good… Real good… Hey everyone! Come see how good I look!

Until the next one folks…

Pomp Hard.


20 responses to “Pomade Review: Schmiere (Hart)

  1. Hey thanks for the info, I was lookin at this pomade the other day and was wondering if it was worth the price. 16 bucks plus shipping is high but hey, if it’s good stuff I’ll give ‘er a go!

    Rock and roll.

    • Hey Mike,

      Price point wise, it can be pretty expensive, especially if you add in shipping. It is a good pomade and I haven’t seen any other to compare it to. The only pomade from Schmiere that I was able to compare to another pomade, was the light (weich) as it is very similar to Deluxe pomade.

      If the properties meet your criteria (relatively strong hold, matte, Flintstones Push Pop scent,) then this is for you.

      Any pomade that comes from outside of the U.S. is somewhat hard to justify buying, because of shipping. But if you find the pomade that suits your needs perfectly, it’s hard to resist. Especially one that smells like a Push Pop…

      Hope this helps man…

      – Jan

  2. how does this compare to murray’s? what are the main differences?

    • Hey Jesse,

      The main differences between this product and Murray’s, is that this stuff is a little more similar to a wax than a pomade. When a pomade is in contact with water, it won’t flake, where as this stuff will. While not as drastic as wax, but close enough.

      It’s more malleable than Murray’s. So it’s easier to style with it, than Murray’s is.

      While Murray’s offers a bit of sheen, this stuff doesn’t. Your hair will look matte, where as with Murray’s, you’ll have quite a bit of sheen.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

      • what do you mean by “flake”? i find that murrays drys kinda hard, it might just depend on the temperature of the room or whatever. i liked the sweet georgia brown in a blue tin but it had too much sheen. i was thinking about trying this stuff next but it’s pretty expensive to try on a whim. i basically want something without too much sheen that offers good hold but doesn’t get hard. does that exist?

      • When this stuff get in contact with water (while in your hair,) as soon as you try to comb it, it’ll clump up. Not the usual excess amount that clumps up in your comb, when you use a little too much product… But in the way that wax reacts to water. It’s a little hard to describe, without showing a picture of it.

        Of course, if you blow dry your hair first, then comb, you won’t have a problem.

        This stuff should work out for you. Yes, it’s quite expensive, considering. But it’s a great product and the folks at Rumble 59 are awesome. Hit them up directly, tell em I sent ya. They should take care of you!

        – Jan

      • doesn’t that mean if it rains that your hair is gonna get fucked up if you try to recomb it?

      • Yup. That’s why you gotta pick your products wisely.

  3. Ya price is a lil high but if it’s good pomade with good hold then I’ll try it I’ve been trying to decide on which heavy pomade to get. So, I’ll give this a go. Since I can only really just get monkey brains out here.

  4. I was very interested in this pomade, even went to trouble of buying a can from Munich. It looked good, even smelt good, but there it ended. I applied it to my hair and it just felt awful. I felt like a crud so I washed the stuff out and then used Layrite and felt like a king once again. I was very disappointed in Schmiere, I had high hopes for it.

    • Sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you, Sean. It’s something you’ve got to get used to. I think I went 3 weeks with this one, as opposed to my usual 2. It’s definitely hard to get used to a new grease, especially when you’ve used Layrite for some time.

      – Jan

      • I found Schmiere far too greasey and light. I usually wear a pomade for a week or so depending on my mood. Some just work a treat while others such as this one just didn’t. You need to try out the Cock Grease range, well xx and xxx. Cock Grease xx is more like a traditional grease and smells great (minty coconut, if I remember right). The xxx is a beast of a pomade. Smells like soap, damn nearly broke a finger getting the stuff out of the box the first time, it is hard! You have to be quick rubbing it between your hands and quick combing/brushing once applied to your hair, this blue baby sets hard quicker than quick drying cement in a cartoon. The first time I used I was very disappointed, looked and felt like gel in my hair and there was no height to my hair, it just plastered everything down. But, I kept on working at it and before I knew it there was good height to my hair and great hold and I soon got used to the consistancy and had no problem handling the stuff from box to hands to hair. My hair at the front is currently not long enough to produce a good pomp, but with this stuff, used on a regular basis, I found I was achieving a pomp! I can’t recommend this blue stuff enough, in fact I’m considering running the rest of the pomade collection down (once they are used up they are gone) and only replenishing Cock Grease xxx, Layrite and Luster’s S-Curl.

  5. Yo Jan,
    I just got a tin of this and actually found it pretty damn easy to use. It does seem to leave some “flakes” when I first apply, but they blend in after a short while. I do love that fact that you comb the shit out of your hair thru out the day. Shoud a I get a tin of the middle weight, just to have?

    • Eric,

      Glad you dig it. It become one of my favorites, when the cooler temperatures came.

      As far as the middle weight goes, I say if you got the means, go for it. It smells great and they’re good folks who get my support. But if you’re really satisfied with the hold and don’t want something lighter, then I say it’s ok to stick with Hart, and pass on the Weich.

      – Jan

  6. Schmiere Hart – slight return
    I recently had a second go with this German grease and so far so good. I’d been using Layrite regular over xmas and decided I was due a change and despite my first reaction to it in 2011, second time around I think this is really great stuff. Applys well, combs/brushes well, holds brilliantly and the smell of oranges, sorry Shubbydidu, is just awesome.

  7. I totally dig this stuff now, totally no idea why it applied like a wet leaf, but hey, round two and what’s the word for brilliant in German? Ace will suffice!!

    • Killer, glad it grew on you.

      I know the feeling all too well, trust me. I’ll randomly pull out a pomade that’s been sitting underneath it all, put it to use, then want to use it everyday, then run out. I’ve got quite a few “revisit” posts to do!

  8. I’m interested in the schmiere products and i read your reviews for both the mittle and hart. You said the mittle gets softer each time you reapply, does the hart do the same?
    thanks for your time,

    • Hey Michael,

      Real sorry for the late reply.

      The Hart doesn’t get lighter as the Mittel does. The Mittel is relatively light, for being in the medium weight range. The Hart is really strong and waxy, so it won’t soften like the Mittel.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  9. Thanks Jan,
    I ordered both the mittel and the hart can’t wait to get em in. I enjoy your site and reviews where do i get your rebel rouser stickers? and how is Barber school going, I ask cause I have considered it for myself.

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