Birthday Weekend

I… Am… Tired…

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With family out of town and my lady at work, couldn’t exactly do much to celebrate her birthday, so I took her out on a nice little picnic at the park for just the two of us. So I bought us some sandwiches, got her a balloon, and off to the park we go.

Why isn't she facing the camera?

Decked out with her new Hello Kitty shirt and Hello Kitty backpack, she was ready to go. Not to mention her birthday money in the backpack. More than what I had in my wallet! Good thing I didn’t bring her to a toy store, or else she might’ve wanted some of the Barbies she’s been seeing on tv! (Sorry ladies, I’m not much of a doll guy… Well… Who is???)

 Running around, climbing on everything and getting messy. It’s what kids do best. And if you haven’t ran around after a kid for an hour, you just don’t know… Let’s just say, IT’S TIRING! Luckily for me, she tuckered out due to the fact that she was up at SIX IN THE MORNING. So home for a nap she goes! Phew… And you can only imagine how long it took for her to figure this part out!

The battle with the wind, ballons, and a baby...

In the middle of the battle, the blue balloon landed on a twig and popped. She tried to blow it back up. It doesn’t work that way, Babe!


I don’t like to touch trees, but she sure as hell isn’t shy of hugging one…

Later I got her some ice cream cup cakes instead of a cake. As much as I love Cookies n’ Cream ice cream cake, it wasn’t my birthday! Topped em’ off with three candles, and it’s time to blow out the candle! Unfortunately, she is scared of one of my cousins, so she was too scared to blow out the candles… So.. I DID!

Isn't this supposed to be the fun part???

Since I blew em out, do I get the wish? If so, WHERE’S MY NEW CAR?!?

Remember how I said she was tuckered out? Well, she went back home around 1 or so. Fell asleep around 3… And this picture was taken around 8:30. Talk about power napping!

Since we didn’t do much for her yesterday, today we brought her out to the Academy of Sciences. Man… Some of the people in that place fuckin suck! I’m not saying the employees, but the people visiting! How hard is it to say “excuse me” or appologize for bumping into a baby? Apparently… VERY hard. Idiots. But other than those bums, I had myself a ball! And you can best bet that she did too!


Getting my Asian tourist on!

I think she was ashamed of me at this point… So is that guy in the backround…

The Missing Link

Man, I should turn my friend in! You know how much money I’d make for discovering The Missing Link???

But they're up top!

HAHA! I didn’t notice the little girl to the right. I guess she thought I was taking her picture!


I fuckin LOVE penguins!

She loved this little display case...

You can only imagine how excited she was when we got to the ‘rain forest!”



Fake ass tree frogs!

I wonder how many folks have actually died, when they used to have live Poison Dart Frogs in the exhibit…

Imagine getting "accidentally" swallowed by one of these...

Better hope Gepetto is inside… I probably shouldn’t have used him for perspective… You can’t use a below average height’ed person! JUST KIDDING BUD!

Oh look, birds!

Oh, this is the “pin down live birds until they die,” exhibit.

And just because there are absolutely no pictures of me, my child, AND my lady in one picture… I thought, why the hell not? So I bought the picture that they take of you as you enter the building.


Of all times to make a serious smile… Jeeze baby…

Now we’re back home, waiting for my sister to get back into town, and then we’re off to dinner. Man… I NEED A NAP! Or a beer… Whichever comes first…

Sadly, it’ll probably be the nap…

2 responses to “Birthday Weekend

  1. Hey man just started to read your blog, whats the tattoo on your right forearm? Is there a meaning to it? I know John Butler has the three lines on both forearms with a red circle.

    From Australia


    • Nam,

      My meaning is different than others. In short, it’s just some sort of “urban tribal” that people get either to symbolize something or just have for no reason whatsoever than just having black stripes, haha.

      Personally, mine is for my kid. I’ve been meaning to get two more for the other two women in my life (mom and sister) but haven’t been able to.

      – Jan

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