Tokidoki Gets-A-Swing’n

Now, you ladies and gents have been browsing this blog long enough.

Y’all know I’m a guy. I don’t wear makeup. So why would I post anything about Tokidoki? Well folks, you’ve guessed it…

Tokidoki has been around for some time now. And to my surprise a few years ago, the person behind it is a guy! FUCK. Talk about mind blown. Don’t deny it, originally y’all thought it was an Asian chick behind it. And if you didn’t know it was a guy, you know your minds are blown.

Gotta give the guy some credit… He’s done collaborations with Karl Lagerfeld, Hello Kitty, and the surprisingly never dying Le Sportsac. Le Sportsac has been around for quite a while now and Tokidoki has revived it and it’s more popular than ever.

My sister and cousins love Tokidoki. So when my cousin went to shop for some of their stuff, she noticed something that was relevant to this blog… Can you guess what it is yet?

ROCKABILLY! and golf?

Yup… Tokidoki is getting into that swing… And man, is it kind of weird…

This collaboration is done with none other than the one place that guys dread most, and women love and spend their life savings on… SEPHORA.

The new Sephora by Tokidoki collaboration is named none other than “Soda Shop.”

I’m a guy, so I’m not gonna get into what’s in the line. But let’s just say there’s a lot of stuff, ok ladies?

From his typical hamburger, cactus dog thing, and many other living and dressed up animals and food items, there’s only a few things somewhat “relevant” to the theme they’re going for. Not only do you have a little greaser character swing dancing with his rockin Maybelle, you got a Masuimi Max looking car hop, switch blades, and an ice cream cone rockin’ a quiff with “Elvis” shades. Oh… to make sure you cats know that this is Americana, there’s some French Fries in an American Flag colored box. Can’t have all this cool rockabilly without some ‘MERICA, right?

Yeah… Imagine if he went with a Confederate Flag… Let’s see how many suburban house wives will buy them… Probably a lot…

The only way I, as a guy could justify my lady getting this, would be if there was Waldo somewhere in the mix. You know whenever there’s a Where’s Waldo Book around, you pick it up and look for him, for at least 3 pages. Yeah you do!

Well folks, there you have it. If Sephora has anything relevant to rockabilly, you can bet your asses that you’ll soon be seeing hipster girls in petticoats and saddle shoes. It’s not like we don’t see that enough anyways, but with their new cool Tokidoki rockabilly make up, they have to be rockabilly… Right?

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