Impatiently Waiting For Vegas.

While most people are counting down the days, I’m trying to avoid counting down my money!

While going to all of these local rockabilly events are fun, they’re also getting expensive! Especially if the’ve got deals like $5PBR/Whiskey! So, from now until VLV, I’M STAYIN’ HOME!

But since I’ve got a haircut appointment this coming Saturday, I’ve also had to wash out all of my hairgrease. And I’m not gonna go out of the house looking like this!!!

Yup… Truly have been getting my hobo on…

Luckily today, my lady gave me a reason to leave the house. And that reason, was none other than coffee…

So a bit of Layrite here and there, and I was good to go… And let me tell ya… I was gooooood to goooo

Not too shabby, right?


15 responses to “Impatiently Waiting For Vegas.

  1. El Sissyboy

    This might sound odd, but I always use a bit of olive oil or vegetable oil, and then use the dishwashing liquid, you can get the pomade out of your hair in one night and go to the barber the next day. No walking around like shaggy neccassary.

    P.S. Rince the shower/bathtub really well afterwards, or else you won’t be very happy the next morning.

    • That’s the method I usually do.

      But there have been times when the olive oil would get claimed to be pomade in my hair and start a little back and forth with my barber. So I just say fuck it, and wash it out ahead of time.

      Regardless of the type of oil in the hair, if it’s noticeable, it could potentially fuck up their sheers/clippers. Already nearly fucked up my buddies Andis, and I don’t feel like being in that position again. So I thoroughly wash out my hair ahead of time.

  2. Jerry Revelez

    An greaser friend of mine stumbled on a pretty good way to get the grease out. He accidentally put conditioner in his hair first one day instead of shampoo. Well, when he went to shampoo it rinsed clean. I’ve given it a try and works great! Managed to get dax and blue magic and royal crown right out. I’ve only had to wash it more than once on two occasions. Other than that, it’s worked great for me. It seems to work with any hair conditioner. I bought some cheap 1.50 conditioner, worked it in really well, let it sit for a bit, rinsed it out then followed it with some dawn. Came right out!

    • Yeah,

      What the conditioner does, rather than shampoos, is actually break down the pomade/product. Shampoos have their own purposes, such as dandruff care and what not.
      I just don’t really have the want or need to go out and buy several kinds of conditioners, to test it and see which one works best, as there are other methods that work just fine.

      I’ve been lagging on other hair-care posts. Eventually I’ll get around to a few of them!

      – Jan

  3. Caterpillarnut

    Yup, layrite is impressive stuff. It’s the best pomade I’ve found for my needs so far. I love Murray’s, but it cannot keep my sides down once they get long, and sometimes it makes my waves worse, not better. It also tends to make my longer hairs in the front curl at the ends, so I get this weird “standing wave” in the middle of my head. Most of the time it’s good, but when it’s bad, it’s BAD. Layrite works WAY better on my sides, and it keeps everything straight. Only thing that sucks is I have to wash it out daily, and in doing so I go through a lot. Your reviews have been wildly helpful.

    Given my predicament, do you have any suggestions for a petroleum based pomade that would work mo’ betta? Strong hold is desired. Small pomps need not apply.

    And the search goes on… Need to get my hands on some hairgum/Mr. Ducktail’s.

    • Layrite really does get the job done. The only tough part, is having to wash it out and start over again. But that’s why the 32oz tub is worth it! But it’s sort of hard to justify spending that much money on one single pomade, don’t ya think?

      Petroleum wise…

      I’m really a fan of Dax. Bang for your buck, it’s just a really fuckin good pomade, and more readily available than say Mr. Ducktails or Sweet Georgia Brown (blue.)

      But I really fuckin love Mr. Ducktails pomade. If I didn’t have a few more reviews to do, I’d be greasin’ up with some of that right about now!

      • Caterpillarnut

        I’ll have to give Dax a try then. Which flavor do you prefer? The wave and groom?

      • Wave & Groom is my jam.

        It’s still thick like Murray’s, but it’s much more malleable and washes out easier than Murray’s Superior does.

  4. Jerry Revelez

    I agree, this blog has been most helpful…lot better than others I have found that don’t really offer as much advice as I’d like. Pomping truly is a hobby and damn fun..haha. So, Jan, I took heed to all your recommendations and bought the dax, blue magic, sweet georgia brown and threw in some original royal crown. Still waiting on the SGB coming in the mail but I’ve tried the others and they work awesome, man! Dax doesn’t clump like Murray’s and it lays it down well. I’ll spring for some B&W when I get the spare change and I REALLY wanna try the Mr. D’s. When you doing some pomade giveaways? I think it’s time you get sponsored since you getting a good following here…ha!

    • Big thanks for the kind words Jerry!

      I’ve been contemplating doing a give away, but most likely AFTER VLV! The trip is expensive enough as it is!

      I also want to finish up my last few pomade reviews, till I decide which pomade/s I think are really worth getting out there. And trust me, there are a lot! I’ve also got a few people out and about keeping an eye out for me, for some other pomades. So we’ll see 😉

      So stay tuned!

  5. Gerardo Revelez

    Sounds good! I guess what I meant is have some companies start sending you the stuff for free since so many people are now looking to your blog for help in what to buy, etc. I know that you influenced my decision on which way to go! Well, got the SGB in the mail. Amazing stuff—for sure my go to pomade now. I love it! Btw, I found a beauty supply locally that has all sorts of old school (but mostly ethnic) pomades. I’ll be sure to throw some names/suggestions your way some time.

    • Man, which one are you, Gerardo or Jerry??? Haha!

      Yeah. I haven’t approached any pomade brands to send me pomade. The ones that have, Schmiere and Uppercut (which the USPS lost, and I’m not sure if they’ve sent a 2nd batch,) have done so out of the kindness of their hearts. So I really appreciate them for doing so.

      The few pomade companies within the US that I’ve contacted, have either not replied to me or have been rather unprofessional. I mean, I get it, these brands aren’t ran by corporations or anything. But it’s not hard to offer good customer service. Shit, even decent customer service! Replying to me like I’m a distant cousin you don’t want to keep in contact with, isn’t gonna win me over. And I’ve only contacted these brands about whether or not they have a local stockist!

      One thing these brands don’t get, is the demographic that my blog reaches. It’s not just the local rockabilly scenes here and there. Those cats already know people behind such and such pomade brand, or already found the classic shit they want to stick with. It reaches a much more broader market. The market that they could never dream of reaching. Not trying to be cocky, or anything. But it’s a fact.

      Maybe I should make this into a post, haha!

      But, I haven’t approached any brands yet, as far as give aways go. It’s all still being drawn out. And when it’s in fruition, I’ll keep everyone posted! I’m still looking around for up and coming pomade brands, that not too many people heard of, aside from the folks within their local scene.

      But if you have any suggestions, just let me know.
      – Jan

      And if anyone wants to contact me personally, shoot me an email.

      – Jan

    • Oh and the reason why I don’t have adsense or anything of the such on my blog, because I genuinely appreciate folks like you who enjoy my blog. I’d feel guilty making money off of peoples enjoyment. Even if it is just my blog.

      But from their suffering on the otherhand…

      So when I say “I appreciate it,” I really appreciate it, mother fuckers!

  6. Jerry Revelez

    It’s both Gerardo and Jerry! Most people can’t say my Spanish name so rather than have them kill it, I give the whiteys the easy way out…LOL….but, yeah, man, this would make a great post. Some people are just dicks and take customers for granted. Keep the posts comin’, yo’!

    • Haha. I’ve got a girls name, so I’m either a chick or European.

      I’ve already made a disclaimer about the blog. But maybe I should make it super clear for some of the brands out there…

      – Jan

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