With the loss of Rockabilly Fridays at Retox Lounge, many folks have been dying to have a regular record hop. I mean, who doesn’t wanna go to places that play your favorite tunes? Well luckily for us, we’ve got a once a month record hop at Milk Bar on Haight Street.

Keep on readin’!

A few people were skeptical as to how easy it would or wouldn’t be to park around Haight Street. If you’ve ever been to Haight, you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to get a parking spot. Especially when you don’t wanna drop some cash to park in a lot. We got lucky and got a spot a couple blocks down. But man… I hope it’s that easy next time!

Being a new event, I didn’t really expect too many people to be out. But man, was this place packed!

It was a funky mix with the Haight Street Hipsters, the usual rockabilly folks, and I think I spotted a bro or two. Random ass crowd, but, good attitudes. It wasn’t over crowded at the bar, so getting drinks was a breeze. Except when you’ve got a tipsy hipster, over exaggerating their laughs and leaning back, causing me to spill some whiskey on them. Oh well, don’t LOL in person.

They had a whole lot of shit goin on! From dance lessons by Justin from Slim Jenkins, to hair styling from the lovely ladies at The Wak Shack. There was just always something catching your eye. And hey, the ladies weren’t lookin’ bad either.

Since it was free before 10:00 and $5 after that, you know that people swarmed in hard as the clock was hitting 9:57!

There’s another space further back, with a stage for the DJs and a little space for folks to swing. Not too bad a spot…

Surprisingly, Kiya and Demitra scored a booth. Shit’s like VIP son! Glitter cushions, other people sitting down their drinks and all!


You know how I said the crowd was sort of random? It doesn’t get anymore random than this…


Yeah… I don’t know how AT-AT’s and MILK coincide… But it works.

Ladies of The Wak Shack doing what they do best.

I’m pretty sure homeboy didn’t have to look THAT uncomfortable!

Can't stop dancin'!

Less than 10 minutes in the place, Raul from the Hi-Rhythm Hustlers had to pull a lady aside and dance. And soon, very soon, I will be a padewon and learn the ways of the swing. You’ll just have to check back and see!

After the crowd died down at the Wak Shack side, I said fuck it. Why not let them mess with my hair!

Now, I’ve never let anyone style my hair. Not even my own lady! So letting them mess around with my hair, especially so early in the night… Needless to say, was a big step!

Obviously, I’m rather particular about my hair. But I figured, if I’m gonna be reviewing products, I gotta see how shops style up hair. Because there are a few fellas out there who like to get cut and styled a certain way, so why not?

I think I'm about 4 beers and whiskey in, at this point...

Yeah… I was pretty drunk.

See that chick gettin’ styled next to me? I challenged her at a game Words With Friends. Unfortunately, she was already filled with on going games. But if you read this, cancel all your games, because I will win! At least try to…

If you can't tell, I'm lookin' right at the camera.

At one point, they were lookin’ around for a comb. Well ladies, ya could’ve just asked me! So I whipped it out (giggity) and damn near forgot about my comb! As I was leaving, they passed me on the street and gave it back to me. Thanks Kim & Filomena! And fellas… if you ever get tired of looking at dudes cutting your hair, swing on by to the Wak Shack. I doubt their single though!

At this point, I’m drunk. The burlesque show started. TO THE STAGE!!!


If you didn’t spot me, you definitely could hear me. I was roaring my way to the front. And guess what. I got to the front.

I wasn't the only one taking pictures!

But I’m probably the only one who isn’t gonna masturbate to these pictures either…

All that glitters is gold... And covered in tattoos.

With pasties.

This picture is more or less purposefully blurry, so that you young up and coming rockabilly kids can’t print it out, and hide the picture under your bed, and wait till mommy and daddy go to bed.

Somebody got excited!

See this Dave? You can’t print out that picture!

Um... Yeah... Hot...

Still hot... But angry...

And with a rebel yell… She cried more… More… more……

After the burlesque show ended, people started to flood to the dance floor and cut a rug. And I’m pretty sure someone cut the cheese! GET IT!?! Nevermind…

Gettin' their boogie on.

Guy in the red plaid shirt looks like he had an accident.


Where's Tanoa?

Hmmm… Where could he be?


Or don’t…

Swing'n On Stage

Two Steppin'

It seems to me that Tanoa and the fella behind decided to coordinate tonight…

Behind the scenes.

Playing everyone’s favorite tunes.

Ms. Serious.

Mr. Not So Serious.

See, they did coordinate. I didn’t know it was Twin Day!

Wrong way Demi.

A week later and Kiya already has a beard… Son of a bitch.


Oh hey… The ladies in the back round look familiar… Now, where have I seen these two before? Hmmm…

Bitches Love Smileys.

I have no idea how serious Kiya is with that peace sign… TOO MUCH JAPANESE FOR THIS GUY…


He’s probably holding in a fart at this point…


And your matching buddy behind ya!


This is the only picture of my hair after the ladies from The Wak Shack styled it up. Not so much a pompadour, but it’s not bad. Oh hey look, a wild hipsterbilly in the back round! Surprisingly, she didn’t call me a bitch this time around…

Candid Caaamera!

See that broads stink face? Yeah… I’m pretty sure she was butt hurt when I took the pic. It’s ok, not everyone can have a good time and be happy!

Well folks… That’s pretty much all of what went down at the Haight Street Hop. It was packed, loud, and man… IT WAS FUCKIN HOT! A leather jacket was a baaaad choice… No wonder they held a burlesque show! Shit, I should’ve joined just so I could cool down a bit.

Overall, this was a pretty rockin’ event. It’s a nice little spot, decent amount of room for people to get their boogie on. Of course, I don’t think they’ll be having the hairstyling thing go on after this, so it’ll definitely open up a lot more space. The only thing I see that needs to be worked out, is that lot at the end of the block! Work something out with the folks so we can park there! Man… It would be luxurious if that worked out.

It was good to see a few more familiar faces under one roof. So hopefully the next one brings a few more people out of the woodwork. And of course, more PBR & Whiskeys will be had! Probably not as much as I had last night…

I can’t wait for the next one, maybe the hipsterbilly will yell at me again! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Well folks, hopefully all of the too many photos have quenched your thirst.

Till next time…

Stay Greasy.


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