Pomade Review: Schmiere (Mittel)

After a greasy weekend at Retox, it’s kind of hard to stomach more grease. GET IT!?!?


Next up, we’ve got the Rumble 59 medium weight pomade. Their light weight stuff, was pretty light. So as long as their heavier pomades have better hold, it can only get better, right?

With the pomade getting heavier, the bird on the label gets an attitude. I can dig that!

Aside from the different colored label and bird, there’s no other changes to the packaging. Except for the little saying next to the bird’s head.

Maybe it’s a hint that you need the stronger stuff to be more masculine. Or maybe they just like colors, I don’t know. But this time, the pomade is blue. So for you cats who can’t rock pink anything, look for the stronger pomades for those “manly” colors.

This one smells like almonds. And being allergic to allmonds, my head has a huge rash and now I’m bald. Just kidding…

It’s a little less greasy than the light weight counterpart. It’s still smooth and spreads out easily in your palms, but it doesn’t turn completely clear. Combs through your hair very easily. Always a good thing! Plus, it has a pretty decent sheen to it.

Now for the hold… This is where the pomade confuses me…

When I first tried it out last week, I made sure my hair was completely dry and without any product. I do that for every pomade (leveled playing field,) when I’m trying it out for the first time. (Though I prefer to style my hair up while it’s slightly damp.)

In doing so, styling up my hair seemed as if I were styling it up with a wax. It had a very firm hold, made my hair rather straight, and was slightly matte. Which isn’t bad. However, the days after that, when I would add more pomade to the first set (for that build up,) it would seem as if the pomade would get greasier and lighter… Kind of funky if you ask me.

It doesn’t wash out easily enough, that you’re regreasing your hair completely each time. But the more days you add more pomade, the softer/lighter the hold gets. I’m not saying that the change is a bad thing, just different. Usually, whenever you add more pomade for the build up, it gets stronger. This went slightly backwards.

Then I would try to add the pomade as my hair was slightly damp, and it would almost have that flaky mess like wax has. But not as bad, luckily. This stuff doesn’t take too kindly to water. So if you like to wet comb, make sure you don’t over do it with the water. Or else you’re gonna be like me, standing in front of the mirror combing pomade out, then combing it back in, and so forth.

But I was able to get it down, to a certain extent. Still gotta play around with it a little bit more!

Overall, this is a good pomade. Styling with it can be kind of tricky. Almost two weeks in, and I’m still getting used to it. It’s a big step from their lighter weight pomade. So if you liked that one, but needed a bit more hold, this is the one for you. I’ll be playing around with it for the next week or two. So stay tuned for an update!

Till the next time folks…

Pomp Hard.


18 responses to “Pomade Review: Schmiere (Mittel)

  1. El Sissyboy

    Almonds? Smells like cherry to me 😛

  2. Ive been using this stuff for a good few months now. I find that with my hair (which has a tendency to do its own thing) this stuff isnt strong enough on its own, it does however work really well as a finishing pomade to add more shine and does a great job of softening up heavier pomades.
    Im now using it togther with murrays superior and its pretty much perfect.

    • Hey Jaime,

      Good to hear that you managed to make it work out. Too bad it doesn’t work too well for you, as a standalone product. But hey, that’s what mixing and matching is all about!

      – Jan

  3. Got couple of cans of this stuff a few days ago, and I am very impressed. I’ve been using Black & White, but I’m now officially sold to Schmiere Mittel. The hold is better than B&W, it’s easier to wash out and it smells better.

    The best part: Schmiere is cheaper than B&W which goes for $22 (€17), while Schmiere Mittel is $13 (€9.90).

  4. Hey Man, I’ve just started using this product, well in actuall fact just started using non water stuff. So I was wondering if you could give us a few pointers on how you wash it out and are able to apply the next day. Cause I used anti dandruff shampoo to get it out and it worked but the next day when I reapplied the product it turned to this yellow goop. Can you help please??

    • Hey man,

      Are you reapplying the product in your hair, while your hair is wet? If so, that’s why you’ll get the goopy reaction, (the product + water = mess. Same with many wax based products.)

      I prefer to reapply this stuff to slightly damp/almost dried hair. Try it out, and let me know how it works for you.

      – Jan

  5. Hey Rebel Rouser, how do you order Schmiere? Do they accept money order or other forms of payment? Any suggestions will be appreciated thanks.

  6. Thanks alot Rebel Rouser and your reviews are awesome

  7. Rebel,
    This is the first time my hair has ever been long enough to style (buzz cut for 22 years), and I’ve been reading up on pomades on your website. I have pretty thick hair, and have a hard time getting it to hold shape. Really interested in the Schmiere line (something about that bird), what do you recommend I try first?


    • Hey Pat,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      I suggest checking out (if you haven’t already) the Hart hold. It’s not as waxy as Knuppelhart, which may be a turn off for a first time user.

      – Jan

  8. Hey, so I notice you review lots of pomades. I wanted to get my husband some stocking stuffers, and I was hoping you could help me out, since you look like a serious expert on pomade LOL.

    I know Schmiere “mittel” is his favorite pomade. I’m guessing because of the hold. Lately, there have been bubbles in the pomade, which in turn makes his hair flakey. Also, it’s so greasy after he washes it out (even with using their blue shampoo). Could recommend a product that is very similar hold/shine to this one? But maybe even better — non flakey, and washes out better?

    I typed in “imperial pomade review” and that’s how I found you — so I was first looking at that one, I guess. I’m good with asking people about women’s products (the the lords for Sephora), but I’m a little clueless on this one.

    Thanks in advance!

    • (also, i should’ve mentioned his hair is a medium thickness)

    • Uyen,

      The Schmiere product line is not meant to be washable. Though they have a shampoo to “help” wash it out, it doesn’t mean it’ll wash right out in one go. These types of pomades or waxes are meant to stay in the hair for a duration of time.

      Products like Imperial, however, are meant to be washed out and are able to wash out simply with just water. The hold of Imperial will be a bit heavier, as the product will have a hardened finish, whereas Schmiere stays pliable after it’s been applied and settled.

      The closest water-soluble pomade that I’ve used that would be comparable, would be Layrite Super Shine. The hold is relatively lite, it doesn’t have a waxy feel that Schmiere would, but it has a nice shine and will wash right out with just water. It doesn’t have a scent, which is what really sells people for Schmiere products. Since the hold is light and there’s no scent, it’s best used to put on top of Layrite’s Deluxe or Super Hold pomade.

      I just received a new product line from Star Wax that seems to be very promissing. I’ve yet to put it to any use, but I think your husband would definitely appreciate seeing these for Christmas.

      If anything, the Imperial product line is great.

      Hope this helps!

      – Jan

  9. Thanks for replying so quickly! I guess I’m looking for something with a “medium” hold and I’m wondering if imperial will be too much hold for his hair, since it’s not as thick? I wouldn’t want it to separate either, which I’m guessing would happen since it hardens. Layrite sounds about right, but I’m wondering if it’s too shiny or too much for thick here.

    With Schmiere, I don’t think he minds the greasiness, that was something I was more concerned about, ha! So maybe something that won’t flake, but is similar to Schmiere?

    I feel like I’m just drawn to Imperial because of the packaging/marketing. I’m a sucker for that.

    Again thanks for all your help!

    • Layrite and Imperial will be similar in terms of product type. They’re both gel-type pomades that will harden (depending on the amount of water in the hair, of course.) Since they’re water-soluble, the amount of water in them will affect the hold/hardening of the product.

      A product line that is similar to Schmiere would be Kustom Kreeps made by Sourpuss Clothing. Check them out, it would be the next best thing. Shoot them an email and tell em I sent ya! Don’t worry, I don’t get any commission whatsoever, haha.

      I know, I too dig the packaging from Imperial, but the product type won’t be anything similar to Schmiere.

  10. Thanks so much for all your help!!

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