Schmiere Pomade Ist Da!

Hopefully my translator is correct, or else I’ma look like a jackass!

Is this technically my first care package, since USPS lost the main component from my first one? Anywho…

After a few emails exchanged, a couple weeks passed, it’s finally here! I stumbled upon this brand by chance, as I’ve done most pomades. But this time, I was looking for pomade for women! My lady has asked me if women used pomade to style their hair. Of course, some do, but the majority of them stick to hairspray.

That’s fine and all, but really…. Is there a pomade that women can use comfortably? Without having to be greasy like us fellas? Well folks, the folks out in Germany have the answer! And that answer is, hell yes!

Rumble 59 is one hell of a company. From tee shirts for both men and women, jackets, pomade, hell, even saddle shoes! They’ve got their bases covered. And especially for you cats looking for some new denim, they got a sweet pair of cinch back denim for sale.

Even the opening montage for their site is pretty fuckin awesome!

Now… For the pomade… They’ve got PLENTY. They’ve got nine different pomades. Now, that’s a lot for one company to put out. I mean, a lot of brands have about three at max, but they’ve got three times as much! And ladies, they have two specific pomades, just for you!

After exhanging a few emails with Mareike, it was time to wait. And waiting is the hard part!

And on the rainiest day of the week, the goods came!

Now, when I first saw the box… I figured, cool, probably sent me a shirt, why else would they send a box this big?

Cool, got a catalog for their gear!

And then… MIND FUCK.

Six, big ass tins of pomade! And a little as I like to call it “emergency size.”

Wow… As soon as I saw them all, I was speechless. Pretty fuckin nice of them, wouldn’t you cats say???

Two for my lady to try out and review, and 5 for me… But realistically, I’m probably gonna try out some of her pomade… Hopefully she doesn’t read my blog, then notice a huge blob of pomade missing from her tin!

As you would have guessed it… There was no more room on my newly installed shelves for these guys… So you know what… I had to put up one more fuckin shelf! Luckily, I didn’t bust my hand on the last one.

And if you cats don’t believe me when I say that these are big ass tins, I had to install the last shelf to be a tad more spaced out, so they all can fit!

YUP! These are some big ass tins of pomade!

Unfortunately, since the weather is shitty, the review for these pomades has to be postponed. I give each and every pomade a leveled playing field, by making sure I review them on hot days, when their properties really matter. So, with the rains coming down hard, the Scmiere reviews will just  have to wait. Sigh. I know. I’m getting ancy just looking at them!

But let me tell ya… Off the bat, just taking a look at them and smelling them, I know that these are some badass products!

So stay tuned folks. You won’t wanna miss it!

Again, big thanks to Mareike and the folks behind Rumble59! My lady and I are grately appreciative by your generosity!

Until next time folks.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!


4 responses to “Schmiere Pomade Ist Da!

  1. El Sissyboy

    They’re looking to expand their productline this year, so keep them in your fav’s because they have some cool stuff comin’ up!
    I like your pomade reviews, makes me want to try a few of them.

    • Hey.

      Glad you like the reviews!

      I like what they’ve done so far, so I can’t wait to see what they’ve got coming out for 2011+.

      I just wish the weather was nice so I could use their pomade!

      – Jan

  2. Thank you for the fuckin’ kind words. ; ) Your review is awesome. It was a pleasure for us to send you this emergency package! We really hope for better weather at your side of the world – we like to read mooooore! As soon as we have more stuff like that – you’ll be the first to know! Greetings from Germany from the whole Rumble59-Crew!

    • HAHA!

      Thanks for swingin’ by Mareike! I’d be lying if I said I swear like a sailor more on my blog than in real life!

      Again, THANK YOU for the package!

      Luckily… The weather has cleared up during the weekend, so I have a review to post up about one of the pomades! And let’s just say… I can’t wait to try out the rest 😉

      Please let me know as soon as your new products are out.

      Say hello to the rest of the Rumble59 crew for me!

      – Jan

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