Pomade Review: Sweet Georgia Brown (red)

This is one pomade, that has eluded me for a while. Not because I couldn’t buy it, but because of the descriptions people have given it. But thanks to Rea from Cock Grease for bringing this pomade with her, so I can finally try it out!

I’ve heard that it’s softer than Sweet Georgia Brown in the blue tin. But on the website, it says the blue is lighter than the red. WHAT THE FUCK. WELL, WHICH ONE IS IT??? Luckily for you folks, I do this kind of shit, so I’m here to clear it all up.

Of course, the tin is like its other cousins, blue and purple, except for red. Real exciting, right?

The color combination on this tin, is pretty fuckin awesome. I wish that there were a local stockist, so I can just look at a full shelf of these pomades. Hell, at least I’d like it if Sweet Georgia Brown replied to my email! Well… that’s another story…

It has a sweet citrus scent to it. Nice to know that they have different scents! Which is one thing I really like about Sweet Georgia Brown, is that they smell so fuckin good. Plus, they’re a cool ass color!

Now… Let’s see how this pomade really is!

As soon as I scooped it out, I felt that it was considerably softer than the blue tin! FINALLY! SOME CLARITY! RIGHT? Wrong… Confusing, as fuck…

Although it is considerably softer in touch, than its blue counterpart, the hold is different. It’s a little bit… Stronger… Yeah… Fuck me, right?

In look and touch, this is a softer, greasier version of the blue Sweet Georgia Brown. However, it’s hold is noticeably stronger. It may be that it is greasier or stickier, that makes this pomade seem to be stronger than the other one. It’s a little mind fuck.

One difference I noticed, was that it didn’t exactly retain a “solid” hold. Make sense? As it is softer, it is more malleable, so it allows your hair to more around a little bit… Yeah, confusing, right?

Sheen wise, this thing is up there. Since it is the greasy cousin of the blue Sweet Georgia Brown, the high sheen comes along hand in hand. And it’s great. Definitely something people will notice in the day and night!

This pomade is one hell of a mind fuck and I fuckin love it. Whether or not this review made any sense or not, take my word for it. This pomade, is awesome. Gotta love how greasy it is and how well it can do a pomp. Simple as that. What more can I say?

Here’s a couple of pics, that can hopefully make some sense about this pomade.

That’s one hell of a fuckin spider bite!

And here are the fly bites… Fuckin hate bugs.

Sorry if I couldn’t put a great description of this pomade. It’s just really fuckin amazing and that’s all you need to know!

Keep it greasy!


27 responses to “Pomade Review: Sweet Georgia Brown (red)

  1. So which kind of SGB is your favorite and why?

    • Both. To be quite honest. Both blue and red are very different, yet work in my hair in positive ways.

      I like the “stiff” (giggidy) hold that the blue SGB gives, but I also like how light, but not too light the red SGB is.

      Unlike Murray’s (who owns SGB) who have completely opposite sides of the spectrum, when it comes to pomade, these two are similar yet different. In good ways, not bad. Kind of confusing, huh? Hopefully, the more I use it this week, the more I’ll be able to figure out exactly what the fuck to say about this pomade.

      But for now, I say try both. You’ll definitely love em and probably order both of them, again.

      • Ah cool, gotcha. Yeah I’m considering just ordering all three.

      • They’re all good products. I personally could some what do without the purple tin, as there are more affordable/similar pomades out there. But, it’s still good in its own way. So why not.

  2. Sweet Georgia Brown red is by far and away my favourite pomade but as you say it’s not a stiff pomade, some people I know team it up with some red dax so you get the hold from the dax and the shine from SGB.

    • Hey Chas,

      Yeah. This pomade is definitely up there. I’ve been meaning to use it with Dax, but I’m trying to stick with some lighter pomades, as I have a few more coming in, very shortly.

      – Jan

  3. nice review. i was undecided between the blue or red. i guess ill get the red, seems quite nice. like the shine and hold. cheers.

  4. Mike "Gepo" M.

    Glad I found your blog! Its nice to see hardcore pompers out there! Ive tried at least ten different pomades and thought I would never find one this provides a great hold and shine at the same time, until a ordered some Red Sweet Georgia Brown. LOVE.

    Pomp Hardcore!!


  5. Just got this stuff in the mail today from greaseshop and tried it on. Man, good firm hold for my par,t slick back or small pomp, shines nicely and smells great. What more can you ask for.. it washes our easy and leaves your hair feeling healthy too so that’s a bonus !

  6. I use the Red can and it holds my hair fairly well, the blue holds my hair just better, just as good as Murrays but it’s so much nicer then Murrays. I do have pretty fine hair though so that may be the reason it holds really well on it’s own for me vs you. Love me the Sweet Georgia Brown. I usually go with the blue for a base coat and the red for sheen. I’m glad it was brought back from obscurity in 2006. There were a few years I couldn’t get my hands on it. You should check out Lucky 13’s Tru-Hold. It’s been my go to pomade for the past year now. Apparently its Murrays old formula.

    • Charlie,

      I hear ya on the obscurity note. I’m still surprised it isn’t as available as Murray’s Superior. I’d be stoked to see this stuff stocked regularly at the grocery store.

      – Jan

  7. i have been using this stuff as a top coat with dax W&G the last few days. its got great sheen, but for me it doesnt hold really at all. i used like 3 or 4 scoops the first day i got it trying to get it to hold but sadly, it just wouldnt do it. i have no idea how you got it to hold your long ass hair up like that, because i only have a short pomp, like the front of my hair to my eyebrow level.

    sweet blog man

    • Hey Zac,

      It’s definitely a tricky pomade to get used to. I’m still trying to figure out a better (and easier) way to really make this stuff work as a standalone product. It’s worked on my hair on some days and other days it’s made me hate it. Definitely a tricky one, but it’s still a classic!

      Thanks for the kind words about the blog man, I appreciate it.

      – Jan

  8. Red can is dope use it almost every day, never tried the blue how is the smell because the purple was great but did not hold so well and it’s discontinued.

    • Alfonso,

      To me, the blue and red smell real similar. If you dig the red can, you should love the blue. It has more hold, if you find that the red can is a bit lacking in that area.

      – Jan

  9. Hey Jan

    Yes I did find the red can to be lacking with holding my hair in place..will pick up some blue can thanks for the info.

    Also this blog is bad ass man good find.

  10. Hey Jan, where can I get some of this stuff IRL? I checked Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and my Barber’s but no one had it.

  11. Which shampoo do you use?it doesn’t wash out! btw I want to know the name of water based pomade other than upper cut deluxe! thanks!

    • Jeffrey,

      For washing out pomade, I actually use Groom & Clean, which is a greaseless styling product by Suave. Check it out. Dax has some good shampoos, that make washing out pomade a breeze.

      For water-soluble stuff, check out:

      Grant’s Golden Brand
      Lone Star Pomade
      Cock Grease (XXX)
      Styles 360 Wave Control

      – Jan

  12. Just got this email today:

    > From: Michele
    > Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2013 07:33:17 -0500
    > Subject: RE: SGB Contact Us Form

    > Good morning Joe,
    > Unfortunately Sweet Georgia Brown has been discontinued.
    > Thank you for your inquiry


  13. I know I’m a day late and a dollar short, but the SGB red has been discontinued as well. I can’t find anything on it on the interwebs except on amazon.com – and then it’s $18 a tin. I used to order it from thegreaseshop.com, and they said they were told it was discontinued as well.

    I’m bummed. This was my ultimate pomade and I can’t seem to find a good replacement for it. I’ve been using Suavecito, but I don’t like how “hard” it makes my hair and the lack of shine that I got with SGB red. Any suggestions on another pomade?

    I guess I should add that I have a side part that I pomp “un peu” in the front. That’s a little for you non-French speaking folks. Anyway, it’s down to skin or a one on the side with a high taper.

    • This is why we can’t have nice things!

      Do you want something along the same lines as SGB Red, or something a bit different?

      Take a look into the Hairgum Road line. They’re not AS greasy as SGB, but they do have a nice shine to em. They aren’t as difficult to wash out because of the more organic ingredients, but it’ll definitely take a good shampoo to thoroughly wash it out.

  14. Thanks for your prompt reply. Unfortunately, I just got back here to check out your reply. You know the holidays got in the way.

    The good thing about the holidays was that my in-laws bought me a tin of SGB Red that they found on Amazon. It was $18 for a 3 oz. tin. That’s almost triple what it used to cost. I’ve been using a base of Suavecito and then adding a small amount of SGB red before the Suavecito gets too hard in hope that it makes this tin of SGB red last longer.

    I’ll definitely take a look at the Hairgum Road pomades. Thanks for the advice!

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