Don’t You Wanna Americana?

Though that long black train had already left the station, it’s pretty evident that Americana has come back in full force.

Probably not that yet noticeable by the general public, but it’s getting there. What better way to jump start it than starting up with the tots!

Target has put out a line with vintage-Americana inspired clothing just for kids. Being a parent, I think it’s pretty cool.

Though I didn’t thoroughly look through the clothes, I saw some pretty cool stuff. From engineer overalls to chambray shirts, there’s enough gear to keep your kids looking cool and somewhat vintage. On top of it all, I’m sure the kids can play to hell and back in the clothing, and won’t tear them to shreds. But hey, even if they do, you can patch it up the home made way, and give the clothes a more authentic look.

I mean, no one wants their kids to dress up like Justin Bieber or the Jersey Shore cast, right? Well, there are the few that do. But for us folks with our heads on straight, fuck that. Plain and simple.

And if that ain’t enough reason for you to check out this clothing line, I don’t know what is…

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