Oh Valentines Day…

Valentines Day translates differently amongst several folks.

Whether you actually “celebrate” Valentines Day, consider it a “Hallmark Holiday,” or use it as an excuse to make a beast with two backs, it can be an expensive ass day. I mean, even those who don’t necessarily celebrate it here in SF, have an anual pillow fight. So either way, you’re spending money! I bet a lot of cats wish V-Day were after they got their tax returns…

If Bruno Mars is gonna be your go to artist for Valentines Day, then you’re looking at the wrong blog!

Here are a couple of songs that I think, translate what both ladies and gents want out of D-Day. I mean V-Day…

Ladies love getting pampered and spoiled every once in a while. But if they can have it their way, they’d get cupcakes and candy every day! Hey, I’m pretty sure my lady ate a good amount of the dozen Sprinkle Cupcakes I surprised her with!

Mary Mazza – Niza Boy

And fellas… Don’t deny it… Let’s just get straight to the point, right?

Dennis Herrold – Make With The Lovin’


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